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Paint Mojo Ireland~ coming up soon!

Hello my creative adventurers!! Long time, no see, in this bloggity part of the world! I hope all is wonder-filled in your lives and that your troubles are small and few,  or even non existent! my sincere apologies I entered the zone of no return once more, by not posting for so long,  that it became too overwhelming to share all the amazingness,  so I just didn't. Things are settling a little now though, and I am back on board, ready to pull up a chair,  share a cuppa with you all and fill you in,  (in bite size chunks~goodbye overwhelm!)  on happenings past, present and future!  So today, lets talk TRAVEL!! The real voyage of  discovery  consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust Over the next few weeks, each Thursday, we will do some dreaming together as I introduce all of the longer retreats I will be facilitating in 2015 (and begin to plan for 2016) and invite you to gift yourself the space an