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Flashback Friday!!

                                                 La casa de Frida Kahlo   “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller   Traveling is such a huge love for me exploring other cultures connecting, wandering, wondering learning more about myself by learning about others the excitement of being somewhere completely new open to the experience of the unknown ♥ I'm so excited right now to be working on a book proposal which explores the connection between creativity, traveling and connecting to our best selves. I can't say too much yet but I am already super excited that some of the artists I admire the most have said YES to contributing. Our family has traveled quite a bit and in 2008 we decided to take our girls who were then 11 and 15 out of school for 7 months here in Australia and travel up the West Coast of the US to Canada and then down into Southern Mexico. For the next few Fridays I am goi

Change, change and more change ♥

Hello lovely creative friends! Wow!! What a month its been...I hardly know where to start! So maybe I'll start from today and go backwards just to fill you in on all of the excitement, the ups and the downs.......Isn't life amazing? This weekend I got to be on the other side of the workshop format, this time I was the student rather than the teacher getting to enjoy the wonderful arty wisdom of Robert Malherbe , an extremely successful Australian painter whose works are so lush and textural you feel like you could eat them! Still Life with Two Fish I. 2011.Robert Malherbe  Robert was a patient and generous teacher and although I have hardly any experience with still life in this style I was excited and willing to give it a go!  Above is my effort after much advice and help from Mr Malherbe ( I dont mind at all when the teacher says "do you mind?" and picks up my brush!). I just love being able to work quickly and tonally to bu

Please dont steal our lemons!

Just down the street an old man puts out bags of lemons from his overflowing tree. Taking the time to pick and bag them he pops them in a wheelbarrow out the front with a sign in black marker on torn cardboard.    Lemons $3   Would you ever consider taking  a bag of lemons without paying for them? I didn't think so ♥   Why am I talking about lemons??   I should be talking about how excited I am that finally our new CD The Long Goodbyes: 1+1=11  is finished and ready for your listening pleasure :)   Many of you know my paintings but not many know that music is also a big part of my life. My husband Marco, a talented musician, songwriter and producer spent years, coaxing, assuring, nurturing me to let my voice shine and I am so grateful for this, although there have been times I have fought , scratched and clawed for him not to, just to leave me alone singing happily in the shower, with my insecurities.... This i