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Please dont steal our lemons!

Just down the street an old man puts out bags of lemons from his overflowing tree. Taking the time to pick and bag them he pops them in a wheelbarrow out the front with a sign in black marker on torn cardboard. 


Lemons $3


Would you ever consider taking  a bag of lemons without paying for them?

I didn't think so ♥


Why am I talking about lemons??


I should be talking about how excited I am that finally

our new CD The Long Goodbyes: 1+1=11 

is finished

and ready

for your listening pleasure :)


Many of you know my paintings but not many know that music is also a big part of my life. My husband Marco, a talented musician, songwriter and producer spent years, coaxing, assuring, nurturing me to let my voice shine and I am so grateful for this, although there have been times I have fought , scratched and clawed for him not to, just to leave me alone singing happily in the shower,
with my insecurities....

This is his BIG creative dream!

and I want to help make it a success♥


This is our bag of lemons and its been a long haul to get them out into that wheelbarrow.

3 1/2 years, nights and nights of rehearsing, recording, refining, hours stolen in the middle of the day, on weekends, feeling guilty about not spending time with our families, juggling the busy lives of four people with families, jobs, mortgages, full lives outside of music,




in order to

nurture our creative SPARK

culminating in a finished product that we LOVE

and hope you will too :)


 the reason I'm feeling a little frustrated along with the excitement is that yesterday I posted a whole bunch of songs on Youtube

wanting to share

give people a chance to see if they like

and then buy.......


This morning a message from someone saying how much they loved a song and how they had popped it on their ipod (using some app which illegally rips MP3s from Youtube videos) and thanks!!!


Please don't take our songs! Its stealing!

if you like them you can tell us by purchasing and here is how


Our new CD 1+1=11 is now available for digital download at CDBaby You can download the whole album there or individual songs

If you would like a limited edition, signed, real, physical CD just deposit $20

( postage included) and we'll send it out to you in a few weeks when we receive them back from the manufacturers.

Thats it! Easy peasy :)


Click here to listen to some of our new songs! :)

Thank you so much for your support!!

and Marco, Syd and Ged thank you too ♥

lots of love

Tracy xxx


Connie said…
Congratulations on your CD! Why people download and steel music, I do not get it. I'm sure the quality is not the same as that of buying and then on top of it they have to live with themselves. Best of luck. Connie :)
cri-cri said…
O I like your music and yes I promise to not steel it month I´ll buy you one cd and yes signed please ;-)
Annette said…
Hi dear lady going to order one of the CD's now. People who steal music also steal photographs. I found that out when being a professional photographer for 100 years. They will steal anything, hugs and so giant hugs and congrats to you all. oxoxoxxo Annette