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2013. Its a wrap!! Now let me give you a painting to celebrate ♥

 Hello lovely friends! To celebrate the closing of the old year and the beginning of the new I am giving away this little elephant painting to one lucky reader. Just leave me a note in the comments below and let me know one of your intentions for 2014! ♥ Clarity. My word for 2013  How did I go with it? At first I thought not so well.  I couldn't even really get clear on what the word meant for me.  What my intention around clarity even was.  Not a good start right? Seems like I'm somewhat of a back to front person. I often figure out the answer long after I've completed the action... I think its what makes intuitive painting such a perfect practice for me, not having to make a plan but seeing the perfection in the plan after all is said and done. Kind of fumbling my way along a LOT,  jumping in before I know how to swim and then figuring out later how exactly I managed to not drown! canvases are painted and then the concept comes to me

Some little snippets before the big 2013 wrap up :)

Good morning gorgeous people around the planet! Isn't it amazing that we can connect this way as we sit by our computers, all of us spread across this little ball of rock and water, spinning through space in an infinite Universe? Stuff like that makes me feel kind of overwhelmed sometimes You know.... The BIGNESS of it all but also The WONDER of it all .... and this has been a wondrous year indeed in fact, so wondrous that the very telling of it has me feeling overwhelmed so this morning, when I woke, I thought to myself rather than avoid your blog again today why dont you just share a few little snippets from the past week or so and then maybe tomorrows wrap up of the year wont seem so daunting So here we go......  I've been spending more time in my studio and actually have it fairly organised and clean in anticipation of the arrival of my beautiful friend Orly Avineri in a couple of weeks. Orly is teaching tw