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Some little snippets before the big 2013 wrap up :)

Good morning gorgeous people around the planet!

Isn't it amazing that we can connect this way as we sit by our computers, all of us spread across this little ball of rock and water, spinning through space in an infinite Universe?

Stuff like that makes me feel kind of overwhelmed sometimes

You know....

The BIGNESS of it all

but also

The WONDER of it all....

and this has been a wondrous year indeed

in fact, so wondrous

that the very telling of it

has me feeling overwhelmed

so this morning, when I woke,

I thought to myself
rather than avoid your blog again today
why dont you just share a few little snippets
from the past week or so
and then maybe
tomorrows wrap up of the year wont seem so daunting

So here we go......
 I've been spending more time in my studio and actually have it fairly organised and clean in anticipation of the arrival of my beautiful friend Orly Avineri in a couple of weeks. Orly is teaching two workshops at our home and I am sooooo excited she is coming! 
I've also been practicing painting faces. I love the anticipation of seeing who will emerge!

 We celebrated on Christmas Eve at my dads house and of course ate far too much!

 Post gorge lounging!

 Christmas morning present time!

 Marco was uber thrilled with his present from Santana~ an original White album from the Beatles!

 and I LOVED all of my pressies too! The basket is from Ghana and is now attached to the handlebars of my bike. Isn't it the cutest?

 Luna under the Christmas tree wondering where her presents are....

 Santana with one of her presents...she loves collecting beautiful props to use in her photography :)

Santana recently took these beautiful pics of our gorgeous nieces, Chloe and Aimee, when my sister Jean and her sweet family came to visit ♥ You can see the shoot here along with more of Santana's work.

 Christmas Day was super low key this year. After hosting 25 for Thanksgiving I figured I deserved some chillax time. Santana decorated the dining room and our lovely friend Alison joined us for a simple but delish meal.

 After her near death experience last month Bella (horrible paralysis ticks!) continues to recuperate but unfortunately Sienna lost both of her goldfish on the same day last week. RIP Marcos Tacos and Luhan ♥
Strangely the cats don't seem quite as interested in drinking from the cat bowl now that there are no longer any fish in it......
 Yesterday I spent some more time in my studio and after spilling half a bottle of orange ink on the counter I decided to experiment with it, pulling out various substrates that have been building layers over time and adding the flame orange ink and a new marine blue that has just arrived....loving the combo of the two colours ( both from the Daler Rowney F&W Acylic ink range).

 Cant wait to see where these will go next...

 yesterday afternoon I got to hang my paintings at a very cool new cafe here in Huskisson. If you're in the area make sure you pay a visit to 5 Little Pigs. Their menu is super yummy and I LOVE the way my art looks in these beautiful contemporary surrounds....

Wishing you all so much love during these holy-days. 
Here's a lime vodka mint cocktail for you and a little Aussie Summer sunshine thrown into the mix!

Back tomorrow with the BIGGER story and a painting giveaway to celebrate the gratitude I feel for all of you being in my world ♥

ps mi amor officially opens his kite surfing school today and is currently on the beach setting up with his snazzy new flags and equipment. He admitted to being a bit nervous in his new venture so send him your good vibes and I'll pass them along..... :)


I'm so grateful to have been able to watch your journey Tracy, being inspired by you and all that you do and all that you are, you beautiful soul.
I love your paintings. Isn't it wonderful what can come out of spilled ink. Your paintings look awesome in that cafe. I would love to see it in person. Maybe next time I'm up that way.
Good luck with the kite surfing school. I'm sure it will be a big hit!
Sherry Smyth said…
Love the sunshine and cocktail photo...exactly what I needed in the midst of an ice storm fiasco and darker, colder days!
Susie K said…
It's fun to read about the family behind the art. I have to say, I love the colors in your home! So bright and bold and happy! Your work reflects your surroundings, or is it the other way around? Either, it's lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
what a BEautiful life!
mmpm88 said…
Wow! Wow! Wow! Can't August come sooner? lol. I can't wait to meet you and to paint with you in Bali. Amazing!
mmpm88 said…
That elephant painting is amazing. I would love to win it. Wow! My word for 2014 is HOPE. After the year I had...and the last 5 years...I am just holding on to hope. And I know that this next year is going to be my year. May it be yours too. <3 said…
Your work is so beautiful Tracy. My intention this year is to continue learning. I hope to take a class (online this year and in person next year) from you!

Susie K said…
LOVE the blue elephant! Love the colors, marks, background. You make an elephant look beautiful, strong, and with wisdom, to me. Still trying to think of a word for 2014. It may be a bit into the year before it gets to me. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)
Jo Murray said…
I was hoping to find Paint Mojo arriving this week, but it seems that I have to wait for ages as I have it on pre-order. I am hoping your mojo will rub off on me. My word for 2014 is FOCUS. Focus on the beauty, the stillness, and the essence of life itself. Your ellies are all gorgeous. I wish you joy and beauty in 2014, and more ellies.
The elephant painting is awesome. I like it.
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