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a month in pictures...and a few words :)

August 2012 Hard to believe that there could be so much happening in just one month a wonderful trip to first!   a day to see the sights  my first ever "alone sightseeing" experience!  and then on to teach Paint Mojo!  with a bunch of wonderful women  who filled my spirit with such gratitude and joy to be able to share what I know and learn along the way Thank you to Wini and Liza for being such wonderful hosts and for your lovely recounts of the weekend here and here .  Thanks also to the talented Kylie Fowler, one of my fellow Life Book teachers for her great post here!  coming home from Melbourne and having Santana come stay for a couple of weeks as her apartment was not yet ready to move into.......watching this moment and appreciating it so much in the knowledge that within the week Santana would be leaving home for Sydney and Sienna and I would be flying to ordinary moment to warm the heart

Come Together

Well I'm sitting here right now, in a country that is not my own, with my husband thousands of miles away on his own adventure, our eldest daughter finding her way in the big city, Sydney, Australia, and Sienna and I sitting here in Carlsbad, California, as she gets ready to experience Highschool America, and I get ready to embark on a scary, exciting journey of my own teaching others to loosen up and find their own Paint Mojo in the USA. There is so much I love about the USA, and so much that confounds me, and I see the quickening and the divide as we head into the election countdown. Friends on Facebook are starting to fall into one camp or the other and I feel like I just want to sit down with everyone and say "Lets try to understand where we're all coming from". Thats scary and BIG and I have already stopped myself a few times for fear of getting into a battle I am not prepared for. I see clever slogans on both sides and I want to say "what does that real