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Happy birthday to me AND to my blog!!

Hi beautiful creative friends!! Thanks so much for all the lovely birthday wishes on FB...I had an amazing day and lots of pressies which included a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to my workplace from my wonderful husband, various vouchers for foot, head and back massage plus a voucher for art supplies from the girls AND the best Ipod/CD speaker sound system that will enable me to play cool music at all of my workshops, in my studio, in the bath, wherever!! How lucky am I?! I was also surprised to discover that my blog had a birthday last week too. It's one year old and what an amazing year its been! So many firsts have come about from connecting through this amazing blogosphere but mostly its about the friends I have made and the community of like minded souls that have come into my life and for that I am truly grateful. One of those beautiful people is the very groovy Holly Eva . We befriended each other at the suggestion of the amazing Violette and have been on a whirlwi

towards a simpler life....

In 2008 our family made the decision to have 7 months of time out. Travelling on a wing and a prayer we took the girls out of school and headed to the US travelling up the West Coast from San Diego to Canada and then down into tropical Mexico...we worked where we could, camped, homeschooled and visited with family. Towards the end of the trip we spent two months in the sleepy coastal village of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, I want to share with you a post from three years thoughts on a very non hectic period of our lives. During this time painting was even put on the backburner in favour of naps, swims and sunset watching...later, however once we were back in Australia, inspiration came as an avalanche as I processed and painted my memories...I guess what I search for now is a way to bring some of that simplicity back into our lives..I still havent figured it out but would love to hear from all of you any changes you have made towards living a more simple lif

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Oh my!! Where have I been?? Its school holidays and I thought I would be the blogging queen! Alas I'm like a kid in a candy store...too many fun things to choose from and so I'm running around trying to do all of them...Marco and I headed down to Canberra on Sunday to drop Sienna off to go skiing and he surprised me with a night at the Rydges Lakeside...i have to say its been a while since we've had a night alone in a hotel! First we wandered downstairs and found an art auction in progress...we sat in and couldnt believe that a couple of Salvador Dali signed etchings went for around $800!! Then we strolled through the streets until we found a nice warm Irish Pub where we enjoyed a couple of rounds of Guinness :) We wandered the streets for a while after this but the cold was a little too much so we headed back to the hotel and had some extra spicy Indian delivered..Marco was in heaven!! Earlier in the week I was over the moon HAPPY to give away this little