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The KISS project~ keep it simple sunshine~day 6

Ok, ok I'm not trying to trick you... so I missed a couple of days!  Life gets busy right? Especially when you have outsider artist extraordinaire coming to stay at your house and are trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends in anticipation of THREE DAYS of solid painting with him and ten other beautiful creatives!  Leaving you with a few pics of Jesse in action Day one and a few of my pieces in progress....exhausted but rearing to go again tomorrow! Hasta manana! or manana or manana ;p

The KISS Project~Keep it simple sunshine~Day 5

“I will take the sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air  Alive  with closed eyes to dash against darkness”  ~E.E Cummings That's it for today off to take a leap... love to you all ♥

The KISS Project~Keep it simple sunshine~Day 4

Whoops! I meant to post last night but somehow I ended up out on our back deck with our studio guests Mark and Margo who were trying their hand at some pizza making, and one glass of red wine turned into several (my head is not thanking me), with some awesome,stimulating conversation well into the night.  Oh well. its still Tuesday in much of the world right?  and for those of you who have been asking when Amazon is going to add the "look inside" feature for my book, I've just finished my final author review so it shouldn't be too long now.  Here's a little peek at the black and white version. Cant wait to see it in technicolour!! Happy day to you all.  Will check back in this evening with my Day 5 KISS post ♥

The KISS project~Keep it simple sunshine~Day 3

Having fun with a new app (Pixlromatic) Misty Mawn turned me onto in her awesome Full Circle workshop Wandering around the house and garden snapping pics; Sienna's quirky nature evident in her room; a shrine to Pop culture....  Santana's style calmer, a little more reflective, she's learning how to surround herself with things that nourish her soul... In the garden my favourite tree, a dwarf mulberry. twisted around itself, all of its branches wrapped in a giant self embrace.....  Quiet spots to sit remind me I need to do more of that, with no computer in sight....  Pieces of art embedded everywhere, like this luna in the back of the horno.....  lovingly built by mi amor who, when people look at our home and ask him, "so you're an artist too?" doesnt yet feel comfortable saying, "Yes".  I think he is an amazing artist ♥ All over our casa small loving , detailed touches, each a work of art, like the stai

The KISS project~ Keep it Simple Sunshine~Day 2

a month or more of short and sweet blogging :) three very exciting things to share today! Image credit:Lisa Bowen Barker My first published article in the Spring edition of  Somerset Apprentice!!  It will take a while to get my copy all the way over here,  but I think its about 7 pages long and I walk you, step by step, through the process of this painting.  Pick up a copy and let me know how you go finding your own inspiration.  Would love to see your images on my Paint Mojo FB group page :) A very special mail delivery!! The finished pages of my book ( don't get to see the colour version until July) arrived for the final author review! Today will be spent all seems so surreal! Especially when I see things like THIS!! A very special visitor arrives this week!  The time has finally come for the uber talented Jesse Reno to hit Aussie shores. First stop Melbourne, then we welcome him into our casa later in the week.