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The KISS Project~Keep it simple sunshine~Day 5

“I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air 
with closed eyes
to dash against darkness” 
~E.E Cummings

That's it for today

off to take a leap...

love to you all ♥


Kathleen said…
Love the painting and the quote... it does take the dark to bring the beauty - direct complement to your painting!
Shayna Butler said…
I love that poem, but did not know those were E.E. Cummings words. Bjork sang this on her album Vespertine, the song is titled "Sun in My Mouth" and is one of my faves. This painting is gorgeous, I love the contrast of dark and light, it really is lovely!
anna maria said…
Love your painting and the poem.
Is there a post that explains what "The Kiss Project" is?
bella lullo said…
Poesia fatta di colori... bellissimo!!
Jo Murray said…
Leap's obviously doing you good. GRAT picture. (and poem)
Shelley Whiting said…
Your art is very fun, playful and magical. Wonderful work!