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The KISS project~Keep it simple sunshine! Day one ♥

Last weekend I taught my Paint Mojo workshop here in our little village by the sea.  In an oversight I planned the workshop on the same weekend as a massive annual world class triathlon. On this weekend each year thousands of super fit looking people flood the area, roads are blocked and it takes forever to get from Point A to Point B. My hugest apologies to my students who battled the detours and fervent traffic volunteers to get to class, some of you taking an hour to drive what would normally take 15 minutes or less! We certainly needed those deep breaths we took in circle time and then, of course laughter is always the great diffuser of stress and we had plenty of that over the weekend! On the way to class on Sunday my friend Neelam, who stayed with us for the weekend, told me of a fictitious word her father would use to describe such a convoluted journey...."You're taking the ingara vingara route" he would say... Now  I have a certain penchant for sp