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2016 recap and giveaway!!!

Well hello, hello  my intrepid, awesome, beautiful family and friends!   Happy holidays and much love, peace, connection,  joy AND a plethora of all good things your way, as we head rapidly towards a brand new year!! I know some of you may have begun to think that I had fallen off the edge of the blogosphere and others have been following along with my topsy turvy 2016 journey on Instagram and Facebook, sending so much love and support my way, that I have spent the better part of my year utterly astonished and grateful for this tribe that I belong to so intrinsically. I'm going to keep this recap post MUCH shorter than previous years. Not because it has been any less incredible but because I am partially on a PAUSE and that means tending to my own self care and stepping back a little from the crazy pace I have set for myself these past few years. As usual though, my favorite part of writing this end of year post is that I get to host a GIANT GIVEAWAY in gra

Thirty day painting challenge! On letting go and the art of allowing...

Hello lovely friends and family!! Today I'm excited to share my experience  of a  thirty day painting challenge  with you all....... It started towards the end of our trip when I began to notice my dear friend Judy Wise posting raw, energetic, quirky, exploratory paintings to FB with enigmatic captions, documenting a thirty day process of painting on the same canvas, over and over with the hashtag #judyschallenge and #paintoniteverydayforthortydays The images were sooooo compelling and Judy talked about her growth as an artist through the process so I decided that once I was home and settled I would give it a whirl for myself! If you'd like to read about Judy's experience jump on right on over here but don't forget to come back. Something pretty amazing happened for me during this challenge!  I learned to let go and truly allow in a deeper way than ever before. a couple of FYI's * I did not work on this challenge every single co