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for Shiny you ♥

   Today I am writing, working on this book that I have become quite attached to.  The book I am hoping will be called Paint Mojo .... and hoping I can convince my wonderful publishers North Light that this is the best title :) and suddenly these words spill out and I know I need to share them with you.  Maybe they will be in my book, maybe they are words just for this moment.  I hope they speak some truth for you today.  I hope you KNOW how awesome you really are! I hope you know what a wondrous soul you are and how much the world needs YOU to know that .... ♥♥♥ Somewhere way down deep inside of you there is a gem, which holds all the wisdom you have ever, or will ever, need. It may be dusty and it may take some time to shine it but its essence is untainted. Open your senses and you will start to see a glimmer from the corner of your eye. Slow it down and you will open up the breathing space that births a dream.

Have I mentioned that consistency is not my middle name?

 Good morning beautiful friends and fellow creative seekers! Thank you to all of those who followed faithfully along during my thirty days of blog lovin' in May. I am sure I have mentioned to you before that consistency is definitely NOT my middle name so it should come as no surprise that I went from blogging every day in a month to not blogging at all the entire month of June! Don't be fooled into thinking that this means nothing has been happening in my world though.... its full steam ahead here as usual and I promise I will fill you in on a wonderful month over the coming weeks. Here are a few of the highlights of the month~   12 days in the beautiful Mornington peninsula, Victoria teaching two Paint Mojo workshops and staying with the beautiful Baker family ♥ Thank you Liza, Michael, Tully and Flynn~ I feel like I have gained even more new family :)  Students creating "feeling" paintings in response to a poem.  My demo in progress...