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The KISS project~ Keep it Simple Sunshine~Day 2

a month or more of short and sweet blogging :)

three very exciting things to share today!

Image credit:Lisa Bowen Barker
My first published article in the Spring edition of 
Somerset Apprentice!! 
It will take a while to get my copy all the way over here,
 but I think its about 7 pages long and I walk you, step by step,
through the process of this painting. 
Pick up a copy and let me know how you go finding your own inspiration. 
Would love to see your images on my Paint Mojo FB group page :)

A very special mail delivery!! The finished pages of my book ( don't get to see the colour version until July) arrived for the final author review! Today will be spent all seems so surreal!

Especially when I see things like THIS!!

A very special visitor arrives this week! 
The time has finally come for the uber talented Jesse Reno to hit Aussie shores. First stop Melbourne, then we welcome him into our casa later in the week.

Maybe we'll be seeing some new creatures in his paintings soon!
I'm ready for an awesome creative weekend!!
Bring it on!! So fun to be the student sometimes!

 Hope all is lovely in your world ♥ 
A very cruisey Sunday ahead for me after a super fun retro 50th birthday party last night. 
We have the best community and friends!!
 That's birthday girl Kate B in the middle with the equally gorgeous Jo and Kate R on either side...

I got to wear a very funky vintage dress I picked up thrifting in Wisconsin and Sienna kindly gave me a super glam up do and some kitten la la!!

until tomorrow beautiful people. Let me know if you're going to join in and spread the KISSES!!

love Tracy ♥


Yanik Falardeau said…
Just the motivation I need to post every day! Thank you, Tracy! I'm following and cheering you on!