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Come Together

Well I'm sitting here right now, in a country that is not my own, with my husband thousands of miles away on his own adventure, our eldest daughter finding her way in the big city, Sydney, Australia, and Sienna and I sitting here in Carlsbad, California, as she gets ready to experience Highschool America, and I get ready to embark on a scary, exciting journey of my own teaching others to loosen up and find their own Paint Mojo in the USA.

There is so much I love about the USA, and so much that confounds me, and I see the quickening and the divide as we head into the election countdown.

Friends on Facebook are starting to fall into one camp or the other and I feel like I just want to sit down with everyone and say "Lets try to understand where we're all coming from". Thats scary and BIG and I have already stopped myself a few times for fear of getting into a battle I am not prepared for. I see clever slogans on both sides and I want to say "what does that really mean?' or "how do you really feel?"

There is a smorgasbord of choice in this country, not available in many others, and I cannot pretend to know much of U.S politics, but I do know that when we seek to understand each other big changes happen, when we ask each other why we feel what we feel rather than judge each other for the preconceived boxes in which we place each other, real change can happen.

This gorgeous guy caught my eye the other day in Old Town San Diego and I wanted to take a picture and talk to him. Unfortunately traveling with a 15 year old means I have to someimes curb my quirky curiosity but I managed a quick pic....i imagined Santa on Summer vacation....enjoying the sunshine and thinking about the gifts of life...

When this gorgeous group of women got together for lunch, all of us having participated in Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls Soul Sessions, we found inspiration in each others dreams and visions rather than dissecting each others politics 

and today a guy with a "tail" strolled through Encinitas oblivious and free to express his individuality

while across the road at Seaside Bazaar a woman sold pet accessories and agreed to let us take a pic, dubbing us, with a smile, the pet paparrazzi

and i thought to myself, we're all so freaking different and beautiful and amazing...lets just take the judgement out of the way and see what can happen....

much love
Tracy xoxox


Lucy Chen said…
You're such a beautiful person, Tracy!
A great post Tracy and I soooooooo love your ending quote about appreciating our differences without judgement!! Awesome...may have to use that one :)
Come together...couldn't have said it better myself!
Elizabeth said…
What an amazing and exciting journey you are about to embark Tracy Verdugo! <3 I am so happy for you! I wish I could be a part of your class! Wish you the best!

Elizabeth Aviles
marco said…
You are a rare gem....and are polishing up so beautifully!
Te amo