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Confessions of a multitasking queen



1. Rise early, make a list of all the absolutes to be done today. Start with the quick jobs and plan to have them done by 10am.

2. Open Paypal to check on payments for a couple of students unsure whether they have paid final workshop payments.

3. remember that I need to refund someone unable to come and track that down first in hotmail. Get distracted by emails while I'm there and go off on a number of other tangents for the next hour. Updating my mailing list, checking various workshops registrations etc

4. Multitask by posting pics on FB and instagram the whole time I'm doing number three.

5. Get distracted by a giraffe pic on FB, find out its a riddle, answer it wrongly and now I have to be a giraffe for three days.
 6. Rebuke myself for getting distracted and resolve to get back to biz.

7. Get distracted by sweet kitty Flower Power, one of the residents here at my Airbnb apartment and let him/her? in to keep me company. Spend time scratching and cuddling.

8. Have to relog into paypal numerous times because of the distractions.

9 Answer an email from a Call of the Wild Soul student who notes that I have requested them to bring a 30 foot x 30 foot canvas to the workshop. Yikes!! Post to COTWS to make sure THAT doesnt happen! While I'm there I see something yummy being offered at the retreat and sign up for it.

10. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Flower Power sitting on the window sill, all pretty against the white, flower patterned curtains. Perfect light! Indulge in a little kitty cat photo shoot and notice its now 10am. Still havent found the Paypal payments!

11. Procrastinate even further by writing this post.

12. Decide I will go over and make this post a blog post because it made me laugh while I was reading it back and I think it will make others laugh too.

I know I'm not the only multitasking queen here

Anyone else distracted by shiny things? 
 ps had an incredible weekend here in Austin with Paint Mojo Austin #1.

Each new workshop I feel that I am getting closer to opening students up to finding their own authentic creative voice :))

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a wonderful weekend! 
lots of love 
Tracy xox


Nancy Peevey said…
Tracy, thank you for starting my week with a smile and a laugh out loud! Yes, I can relate to your "to do" list. Just thinking about those 30 foot x 30 foot canvases make me laugh. Because I can so relate to your list, I have to congratulate myself at the end of the day if I get one thing accomplished.
Melissa said…
LOVE! I attempt multitasking as well...and I have 4 sweet kitties who distract me constantly! ♥
Anonymous said…
You are cracking me up...AND totally distracting me...

Too bad I know exactly what you are talking about, haha

Love you chica. Life is goooood!!
Rosie Grey said…
Oh my, this is hilarious! And no, you are not the only one ;-)
I loved reading this so much - it's so comforting to know I'm not alone ;-)
It would have been a shame not to take that lovely photo, btw!
Sherry Smyth said…
Distracted...all.the.time! Having to be a giraffe for 3 days will be quite interesting...and I love the glasses! lol!
Seth said…
What an incredible post Tracy. You had me laughing so loud it hurt. I related to so much of what you said. And I definitely cracked up when you said "it's now 10am." Given how much you had already done by then, I would have swore it was at least 4pm!!!
Pauline Agnew said…
Great post Tracy! That is sooo 'me too' :-)
verdigrisrose said…
Great post Tracy, so enjoyed it!
Glad all is going to well for you on your journeys, and looking forward to your book being published!
Julia D
linda t said…
Thank you SO much for this post! Made me chuckle AND feel a part of the sisterhood of procrastination.

Sure do hope that I can connect in person and take one of your classes.

The kitty photo is a keeper!! Glad you were watching for the good light. :)

I like that you call it multi-tasking; I refer to it as ADHD! LOL
Anonymous said…

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