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Wanderlust and wonderment~day one

Hello my little buttercups!!

I know, I know........ its been a while between drinks, um posts! (she says while remembering a long pint of Guinness recently downed in an 800 year old pub)...... and I know this to be true, because as I type, I'm hearing me own voice in me own mind, read out these words with a distinctive, if a little mixed up English accent!!

Yep that's right, we're finally here on UK soil, soaking up the scenery and history after a rigorous and wonderful tour of the U.S which saw me teaching twelve 2-5 day workshops in 12 weeks!!


So I know you will understand when I tell you there wasn't much time for blog posts in the beautiful US of A but I had a fabulous time as always and felt my heart expand time and time again as I shared the Paint Mojo experience with students and friends, new and old!

And so here we be, mi amor and I (this will read better if you play along with the accent thing ;p) in bonnie old England, presently on the wild and beautiful coast of Devon, eyes wide open and taking it all in with wonder and gratitude!

Later in the week we head to Brighton where I will teach Paint Mojo to 20 or so eager creatives before heading to beautiful West Cork in Ireland!

The most exciting thing about this part of the trip for us is that everything is NEW!! It's our first time in the UK, Ireland and Europe  so we get to see everything with the eyes of a child!

SOOOOO freakin' awesome!!

I've also given myself a bit more time out between workshops over the next five months, so am going to attempt to check in every day or two, even if just for a quick hello and a photo or two.
That will make me feel like you are all, in a way, along on the journey with us.

I hope you feel the same...

together we'll visit Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Mexico!
There are still just a few spots left in Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and The Netherlands so be sure to email me at if you'd like to plan a creative adventure! 

If you're not able to travel right now a little birdie just told me that Paint Mojo the ecourse will be released for its third session in September with early bird registration opening July 22nd, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that one.
More than 700 students joined me last year to get their mojo flowing!
More info right here

Yours to download, keep forever and do at your leisure, all for just $59.
More info here

Here's a little peek at some of the beautiful work coming out of the Animalitos Facebook group! 

and please remember even when you don't hear from me for a while

lots of love Tracy xoxo


Billie Kennedy said…
thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you as you travel to all the places I would love to go while in Ireland you must hear the pipes preferably playing Amazing Grace! The pictures are stunning and you seem to be having a fabulous time which is great take care both of you and enjoy the site as my grandmother used to say get your eyes full you don't know when you'll be back love and hugs BJ
Giggles said…
Gorgeous post I hear your English accent and all!! Love the artwork, of both your and your students...gorgeous!

Hugs Giggles
Sheila said…
FUN! Thanks for sharing your amazing trip with us.
Janet Heritage said…
Aha!!!! I found it!!! Now I feel brilliant ! I am grateful that I am smart enough and persistent enough to find out how to leave a comment!!! Thank you for your inspiration!!!
Janet Heritage
Anonymous said…
Love hearing from you too Tracy, really enjoying your travels :-) xxx
Stacy Harrison said…
Love hearing from you too Tracy, really enjoying your travels :-) xxx
Beth Figiel said…
. Thankful for 25 years of marriage today. Knowing as I travel away on our anniversary day, that it is NOT about the anniversary DAY but the DAYS in between that make the marriage.i give thanks for our marriage & this knowledge being blessed onto us. THANKS!
Lisa Mann said…
I'm thankful for all the wonderful artistic friends I have made in the past few years all over the WORLD, through online classes, and Facebook postings. Their encouragement and love and sense of humor are so welcoming and uplifting. Thank you for such an unbelievable chance to win a spot in your class. and Happy Birthday !!!
Stephanie Fry said…
I am grateful for the joy that I experience now that I am tapping back into my creative spirit and finding art again after more than two decades!! My creative side was put on hold for so many years while marrying and having children, and with a glad heart, raising a family took priority over my personal desires. I am so aware of the joy that I feel inside when opening up to the process and creating something with my hands and heart. Not everything is beautiful, but that’s okay . . . it’s a journey of listening to what’s calling me at that moment and what ends up on the canvas is just the frosting on the cake!!!
Cindy Butler said…
Gratitude Post #4...I'm grateful you are recovering in such a place of beauty and hope you are feeling better VERY soon....I'm grateful for the flying dove image I saw in the rock crevice of the photo you posted of Merlin's Waters...I'm grateful for being able to joyfully live vicariously through your amazing travels (thanks so much for so beautifully sharing!)...What I really REALLY want is to also paint the world in rainbows of possibilities, Tracy Verdugo style! :) Much love & wishing you continued magical travels!
Julia Rueger said…
I'm so grateful for everything you share.... never travel ... and so it is wonderful to see your journey... especially in A R T ~~ thank-you, Julia Rueger
Beth Figiel said…
I hope I'm in the correct response posting. Just got my daughter to help me figure out why my post to Instagram weren't showing up. Have to remind her again with a gentle voice that I taught her how to use a spoon... Very patiently too. Giving thanks for my daughter's technology competence to make up for the lack of mine! Putting my hat in to win your e-course. Shared on google plus FB & Twitter & Pinterest! THANKS!