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a different kind of mojo ♥

Hola beautiful friends!!

I hope the world is treating you with love today. I have lots of news to catch up on AND am uber excited to find out that the release date for my book has been moved forward three weeks which means that all of you gorgeous supportive friends that have been waiting patiently, since you preordered as early as last November, will soon have it in the mail. 

Two HUGE boxes of author copies have just arrived on my doorstep also so watch this space for some signed giveaways that may even have a little surprise inside!

Timely messages from the Universe have been coming in more and more lately so a few days ago when I received an email from the gorgeous Stephanie Perkinson asking if she could reach out to share her beautiful offering with my blog readers I knew it was the right thing at the right time. Since my diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis in Feb and then on top of that receiving blood test results to confirm Santana as coeliac, I've been thinking a whole lot more about our relationship with food and with our bodies. 

I have to admit I've also been in a bit of a menopausal fog for a while now and the possibilities conjured up by the words Sexy, raw and radiant stirred something deep inside me....something latent but not lost.

 I am going to join Stephanie on July 7th and see if I can get some of that mojo back!

Maybe you would like to join me? ♥

Read on and make sure you leave a comment below to be in the giveaway for a free spot and a chance to reignite your own sexy, raw radiance!

Hello Sweet Ones.

I am so honored to be here in Tracy's sacred space, sharing a little bit about myself and what I’m about. My name is Stephanie Perkinson, holistic health & lifestyle coach, mama to 2, artist, lover of wildflowers, the scent of beeswax candles and impromptu picnics. I believe that beauty everyday is non-negotiable and we can find it everywhere from the the gorgeous colors on our plate to the beautiful mess around the bathroom sink.

I discovered my path to becoming a holistic health and lifestyle coach several years ago. It all started because I was tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person I saw. I was depressed and finding it hard to be passionate about anything. Nothing felt like “me” anymore, from the way I cut my hair to the clothes I chose to wear. I decided it was time to take a deep breath, stop making excuses and really commit to changing my life.

Committing to change didn’t happen overnight for me, it was about taking baby steps in the right direction. It was about asking for help. It was about learning how to say yes to myself. It was discovering how to trust, forgive and love my body during the process. Over time all of that added up to a big, life-changing shift.

I love supporting and showing women what’s possible and how to discover their radiance. I’m so excited about my e-course, “Sexy, Raw & Radiant”. It's a program that takes a seasonal approach to sustainable wellness. I take everything I’ve learned and share it with you, through support, recipes, and community.

I believe our bodies need time to adapt when we start something new. This program will show you how to easily add in more yummy raw foods at your own pace, in a way that feels right for you. I like to think of eating raw foods as a gateway to wellness. Our bodies begin to shift gears as well feed it what we truly need. Together we will gently focus on ways to love up our bodies and ourselves (outside the kitchen) for exactly who we are in this present moment, ultimately helping you to create a more trusting relationship with food.

We are going to be doing some powerful work, seeking and feeling our way back to our ourselves. I want to assure you that this is not a cleanse or a fully raw challenge.  There is no timeline you need to adhere to so you'll never be behind. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and incorporate as much or as little raw food as feels right for your body. It's all about finding ease and inspiration in our creative and beautiful lives.

Raw food is beautiful, simple, and delicious. Not sure about that? Well, I am thrilled to be sharing a recipe with you today for our Raw & Radiant Cocoa Bites so you can see for yourself. Just click here to download the beautiful, printable recipe page!

Sexy, Raw & Radiant begins July 7th and today I'm so thrilled to be giving away a spot in class to one lucky reader. Just let us know in the comments why this course seems to be singing to your soul.  We'll pick a random name in 5 days! 

*If you'd like more chances to win go ahead and share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and come back and tell us!

Stephanie Perkinson
Design the life you want, starting with the food you eat
Certified Nutrition Coach & Holistic Design Consultant


anab said…
this is really nice :) and it's really good to know someone like you Stephanie :D
Peggy Collins said…
I've been curious about eating raw for awhile now but I never seem to get around to focussing on it. I'm curious to see if eating raw would help with some health issues I have. The course sounds amazing and maybe just what I need.
Jo Murray said…
Who doesn't need to be sexy, raw,& radiant? Sounds like a whole new era for me.
put my name in the drawing please!!!! this has been my year of revitalization! I was pn a roll and have kind of flatlined for the last few weeks! Need a PUSH!!!!
cheers, dana
Toulouse said…
Mmmmm, you really do make eating raw sound delicious!!!
Vicki said…
sounds like a wonderful course, who doesn't want to be sexy,raw, and radiant:)
Thank for the chance.
Kaye said…
like you I've been doing the 'who is that in the mirror thing' and so in the deep end of not knowing and unraveling. Plus like you Tracy 'in the menopausal fog'. Sexy raw and radiant again? - YES PLEASE! I've started but wow it would be SO nice to do it together with some other sexy radiant ones!! XXX
rebecca k said…
I love everything about eating raw food. I can say I dont eat raw enough ... a lot harder to do when you are in a rush with 2 growing boys- I also get bored with food very easily! Cant wait to try out the cocoa bites recipe!
Zephyr said…
Stephanie's courses are always so wonderful. They let you tune into your body while being part of a community that's doing the same so if you struggle, you know your not doing it alone. I imagine this course will feature all those wonderful things as well.
Anonymous said…
Sounds exactly like me and what I need- menopausal, lost, lack of motivation, needing a push, need to find me, be me, like me....needing time for me...sigh...
Lisa Crail
Congratulations on your new venture with your book..I seem to have lost my mojo, somewhere in the ninties on a tropical Beach.I would so love to have an opportunity to win your Book. Thank You...