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Tonight I'm making pesto...from mouth is salivating...but I am not without apprehension.

Over pesto?
Let me explain......

several years ago after a delish meal of homemade pesto, I slipped into my PJ's, squeezed some toothpaste onto my brush and had the oddest experience.
The toothpaste didn't taste like toothpaste at all, instead, there was an overwhelming taste of bitterness
I came downstairs and asked Marco and the girls to try the toothpaste..
does it taste weird to you?
nope, all fine....
so strange, I thought and took myself off to bed...
Over the next week things got worse
EVERY single thing I ate had the same taste..bitter, bitter, bitter!
apples, yoghurt, salad. chocolate, chicken, everything bitter!
No differentiation whatsoever between foods....
It was like all of the different areas of my taste buds had been switched off
 and turned to bitter sensors, sweetness, salty, sour, umami, all gone
bitterness the only one left, crazy right? 
Can you imagine?

I'm not really a sugar fiend but oh how I wanted to taste it again!
Obviously it started to freak me out!

How could a donut taste bitter?
A spoon of honey bitter?
It was the strangest thing...

So I looked it up and found it had a name
Pine mouth ( of course my coworkers at the time had  lot of fun with that!)

I found that there were lots of people experiencing this strange phenomenon after eating pine nuts
and that thankfully it would resolve in a week or's a little research update in case it ever happens to you.....

The New South Wales Food Authority recently completed a study on Pine Mouth as far as the causes of it and any concerns linked to it. This condition goes by a couple of names, including Pine Mouth and Pine Nut Syndrome. It is the condition when someone who eats pine nuts regularly starts to taste something metallic and bitter all of the time. The problem can last for up to two weeks, but generally goes away within a few days.
The New Study
The new study focused on the number of cases reported of the syndrome and some interesting findings were noted.
  • The number of Pine Mouth cases have increased since 2009.
  • Pine Mouth seems to be caused by a particular type of pine nut.
  • The species that is a problem is called Pinus Armandii and it is exported from China.
Response to the Study
Because of this new study, changes have been made by the Chinese government. Now, this particular type of pine nut is no longer exported to other countries from China. This is a method used to avoid other people suffering from Pine Mouth.
Another change that has been made was by the Codex Alimentarius Commission which added the particular species called Pinus Armandii to its inedible foods list. Additionally, Pinus Massoniana has been removed by the commission for the safety of consumers. Although, this second species has not yet been linked to the problem of Pine Mouth
Two things I have taken from this experience
the experience of sweetness is so much more potently appreciated after the bitterness passes
i love pesto too much to be put off for life!

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 
― Joanne HarrisChocolat
wishing you all happy, shiny, sweetness this week ♥
love Tracy xox


Carol Lynn Iyer said…
Yes! That also happened to me a couple of years ago and I looked it up. It lasted for at least a week. It was terrible!
Linda Nilsson said…
If you make your own pesto I can recommend using hazelnuts instead. A relative of mine does that and it's the best pesto I ever had.
Pam Pleviak said…
I usually make my pesto with toasted almonds. That's really good too:)
Mary Mclaughlin said…
How Funny. Have to try some pin nuts just to see what happens. I love chocolate do think it will inhance the taste?
Patsy Paterno said…
How very interesting!!!!Great lesson! patsy
That's a new one on me! I could never give up pesto, either, though. I always make my pesto with walnuts and it's delicious!
Jo Murray said…
Wow...we have pine nuts fairly often and I've never suffered with this. Very strange.
Gail Lieurance said…
Pecans are wonderful in pesto!!