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The Power of Possibility♥

Less than 6 months ago my vision of "What is Possible" was changed forever.
I had created my vision board 2 years ago around living a life of purpose and passion while traveling the world and helping others to find joy in their own creative spirit.

It still felt very far away. I had created a great presence in my local area, selling my art and teaching kids and adults for the past 12 years and like a happy little fish in a small bowl I was a little bit scared of what lay outside my comfort zone.

I wanted to shine my light and I had to start breaking barriers one by one.....I remember an analogy I heard years ago by the larger than life Tony really stuck with my mind it created a picture of all of us walking around inside bubbles, some small, some very large. Each time we saw a new possibility, achieved a new thing our bubbles expanded slightly and from the perspective of our bigger bubbles it became easier to see even more possibilities....

and to BELIEVE in our own potential for greatness ♥

This April my Possibility Parameters took a giant leap when I met the gorgeously, inspiring Flora Bowley when she came and stayed with our family to teach an amazing workshop here in Jervis Bay. Here was a woman embodying the life on my vision board, an actual real life example of What is powerful is that??
In a way I feel like Flora jumped inside my bubble with me and helped me push the sides out to a new place of belief I had not even envisaged.
Within a few weeks of meeting Flora I was accepted to teach at the extravaganza Art Is retreat in Sydney next March with these amazing artists
and then my bubble expanded more and I became brave enough to see a much bigger picture and GO FOR IT!
Less than 6 months since being accepted to teach at Art Is I have manifested the following into my life and that big ol' bubble is waving, floppily around, trailing behind me in the wind
AND I HOPE........
allowing all of you to peek inside and see the possibilities of your own magnificent life.
Here's some tips from me on how to make your own vision board to bring your desires, dreams and intentions into clear focused reality :)

*My first international teaching tour Sept2012-Jan 2013
Sept 19-24 2012 Petaluma California Art Is retreat

Sept 30-31st 2012 Orange County, California Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted workshop . For more info contact the wonderful Christy Nimeh in this amazing group or here at her blog :)

Oct 3-9 2012 Stamford Connecticut Art Is Retreat

Oct 12-16 (TBC) Excelsior Springs, Missouri Sweet Freedom Retreat!

Oct 19-21 (TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Texas.

Contact Selah Gay


♥♥ Oct 23-30 Fly to Taos New Mexico to meet my sweetie and celebrate our 25th anniversary! ♥♥


Nov2-5(TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Florida

November possible workshops in Claremont Botanic Gardens LA, Atlanta, Georgia and Seattle....still working out the details on these. Sign up for email update..I'm hoping to finalize my itinerary by end of January.

Somewhere in early December I will be teaching a four or five day workshop at Hacienda Mosiaco in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!!!!

January Todos Santos, Baja California...anyone want to fly down and paint with me in this beautiful village?

Late Jan (TBC)Honolulu Hawaii Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop at the beautiful studio of Susan Conrad Risse

Last week I was invited to fly to Koh Samui, Thailand to be the judge of a huge mural competition and hold my first International exhibition at the beautiful Namcha Samui Jan...I haven't even started painting for it yet but there's all kinds of room in this bubble right now and the ideas are flowing!

and on top of all this I will be teaching in my first online class with 15 amazing artists in Tamara Laportes LifeBook throughout can learn more by clicking through on the link below...I'm kind of exhausted even typing all of this and in many ways it doesn't quite feel real yet but I sense 2012 is going to be the year that I begin to truly live my dreams. Click here to view more details on the amazing Life Book online course

Am I scared?

Hell yeah!!!

Will I breathe through the fear when it comes up and work my hardest to live my true purpose?

You better believe it!!!

I am truly grateful for the support of my family, friends, workmates and online creative community. I would NOT be traveling so fast and in such a true and wonderful direction without you all here to support me....I send you all LOVE and GRATITUDE from my ♥ to yours Tracy xoxox

Here's a little taste of whats in store next March in Sydney. I will be teaching this evening class as well as 3 full day workshops...hope you can join me!

Viva Mexico: Monoprinting
View larger image
* Full and Part Time Attendee Prices:
Price: $60.00
Code: 3hrTV

Viva Mexico Monoprinting
Tracy Verdugo
Friday March 16 - Evening Class
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Aye Carumba!! Come Join me for a “muy fantastico” evening workshop where we will take a creative journey into the enchanted and whimsical world of Mexican art. Having been married to a wonderful Mexican for 25 years I consider this beautiful country my second home and have spent many happy weeks and months exploring this amazing culture……together we will explore the vibrancy and quirkiness of some of Mexico’s leading artists and from this we will find inspiration to create our own playful and vivid artworks! Starting with the humble meat tray we will sketch our ideas into the foam core and print these images onto our prepared backgrounds…then we will hand paint our works and add details using a variety of tools…you will take home your artwork and your foam print which can be used multiple times to create more pieces… will LOVE this fun and simple technique…suitable for all levels! See the whole schedule for Art Is Sydney here :)


505whimsygirl said…
Congratulations!! You are right, that bubble is trailing behind you.

I live about a 45 minute drive from Taos. As an artist, you are going to love it. Perhaps a trip to Santa Fe to the museums there might be in your agenda? There's a wonderful Georgia O'Keefe museum there. Tours of her home in Abiqui are also available. check out this site:

Have a wonderful visit. Email me if you want more local information (from a local).
christy nimeh said…
Hi Tracy! Great post, and so inspiring! I can't wait to have you here!<3 *also, now that I have a blog you can link me, just in case some peeps aren't in the MMAC group.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo
Anonymous said…
Sounds pretty spectacular, that was some vision that you created and made come true! xox Corrine
Jodi Ohl said…
What an amazing story Tracy! You have really found the 'secret' to success and happiness by not being afraid to dream big and work towards making things happen. You are going to have an action packed few months! I'll be at 2 of those events and will be looking forward to meeting you! Mexico sounds enticing too.... would love to go there with you :))
Liza Zeni Baker said…
Such a special post to write Tracy it was really great to hear where your journey has taken you from. My story isn't as developed as yours yet, but I do really think Flora is a special soul with a special gift. She stayed here with us just before she went up to Jervis Bay to see you and Michael and I were lucky enough to spend the evening with her and then I spent the next day with her showing her around parts of melbourne. I don't really have the words for what she showed me or opened me up to but her visit and workshop has changed the path of my life in such a wonderful way. I remember distinctly how my little boys were just totally drawn to her like magnets, especially Tully he loved her and was by her side during her stay and still talks about Flora. Thankyou for sharing your amazing year and the realisation of your dreams and visions, really powerful and really inspiring. Liza xxx
I am so thrilled and excited for your Tracey. You have so much to share with everyone. I love your vision board and with your talent, it is no wonder that all that you desired has manifested.
Right now I am manifesting a way to get to Sydney to take a class with you:)
I wish you good luck and joy on your journey. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
Ro Bruhn said…
Well done Tracey, you deserve it. Sounds like you'll be Stateside for quite awhile.
Lucy said…
Congratulations on your amazing achievements, Tracy! I'll be returning to live in Sydney hopefully in 2 or 3 years (dying to move back), and I'm sure we'll meet!
Michele said…
Thank you so much for posting this! It's just the inspiration I needed. You amaze me.
Sandra said…
WOW! Your life is so amazing and your story so inspiring. I like you was driven to create art to share and embrace all the beauty in our everyday world. Congrats on your art ventures and thanks for sharing.
Sheri Ann Ponzi said…
Tracy --

Can you hear me cheering for you from way over here in the U.S.! Your vision, and the way it is unfolding, is rocking my world. Seeing you and Flora together (I truly consider the two of you my favorite artists and my biggest inspirations at this moment) just made me let out a huge SQUEEEEEE!

I am so thrilled for you and I am celebrating right along with you. It seems like this is a big year for many, where those that are open to it are stepping into their visions and making them reality.

I just wrote about my own dreams coming true -- and now I read about yours. We are flying high. Life is good :)

Many blessings,
Sarah Anderson said…
oh WoW!!! Massive, massive congratulations :)
Anonymous said…
Whowa! You are really rock'n it! That is so fabulous!!! I will definitely be signing up for one of your Southern California workshops. Please keep me in the loop.

Love and light, Tia:)
Wow! You're really flying high! Patsy from
3 Hip Chics said…
What a lovely post...and a true inspiration of your pushing against the comfortable self imposed boundaries and taking off into a large life!!! Don't you just love son and I walked on fire a couple of years ago at a four day workshop...I love Tony...sending hearts and hugs and all good things, e'layne
Heather Haymart said…
Congratulations! I found you on your FB magically Mixed Art Community you created (on the advice of my friend Kristen Powers) and I am so glad I did! Thank you for thinking about my own bubble!
Heather Haymart said…
I meant to say, Thank you for making me think about my own bubble. Oops!
Tracy said…
Hello, Tracy...HUGE CONGRATS! Your story inspires greatly... Here's to bubbles. ;o)
Myra said…
Ok... now you gotta start talking up your Atlanta trip! Ditto what Sheri said... you and Flora are both pushing my bubble! I'm off to make that dream board I shoulda made a year ago, I guess I wasn't ready yet! Am now!
Jann Parkes said…
Congratulations Tracy!!!!! Dreams come true xxxxx
oh my GOSH!! what an amazing post!1 YOU are such an inspiration! I love your excitement and enthusiasm !!

I just signed up for the Flora eclass, and Hope I can do the journal one also! ...

Blessings.. Joy.. and continued dream building! You are Living the dream!!