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Art Is You Art Retreats!!

Hello lovelies....just wanted to share this beautiful interview with Rice, Sallianne and Ellen! It gave me chills and made me teary at the same time.....

It still doesn't feel quite real that in 6 months time I'll be teaching at my first BIG retreat and judging from this heartful podcast and from the interaction already happening at the Art Is You Yahoo group I've chosen the right one for my initiation.

I will be teaching three workshops at both retreats, Petaluma, California and Stamford, Connecticut. Sacred Marks will be a two day intensive where I will encourage students to dig deep into their own wellspring of creativity to find the contemplative space to create personal symbols and their own unique narrative.

Students will explore a multitude of abstract techniques using paint, ink, oil pastel and collage. Text and imagery will be woven together to create a unique, personal art language.

On Friday we will throw our preconceived notions to the winds and spend the day exploring playful, expressive, intuitive painting and learning new ways to tap into our creative flow with my Feel Good Friday Workshop.

Or you can join me for a “muy fantastico” one day workshop "Viva Mexico Monoprints!" where we will take a creative journey into the enchanting and whimsical world of Mexican art exploring the vibrancy and quirkiness of some of Mexico’s leading artists and finding inspiration to create our own playful and vivid artworks!

There is so much on offer at Art Is You...I have one non teaching day and I am in a quandary trying to decide which amazing teacher to spend it with!

Find out all the juicy details here

Its been a hugely exciting week for me with REGISTRATION now being opened for my Paint Mojo workshops in Texas and California. Both workshops are filling quickly so please have a peek at my workshop page for information on both of these. Now off to the studio to prepare for the very first Paint Mojo workshop here in Australia!!! Woohoo!!

Have a lovely week everyone!
hugs Tracy xo


Lucy Chen said…
I LOVE your abstract paintings! They're full of life and energy.
spaark said…
Everything is coming together! I am going to check out your wher abouts online, but Mexico is sounding very good right about now! Keep having fun...your enthusiasm is infectious. xo
kerri said…
Love the colors in these!