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on solitude, nature and inspiration ♥

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.
~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

too often I forget that right outside my door is the medicine to soothe my overwhelm, infuse my spirit with a feeling of absolute freedom and connect me to my muse.

it really isn't even that I forget...i just get caught up in a cycle of DOINGNESS until I STOP and reevaluate and remember the need for BEINGNESS...

This morning I took a long, lovely walk on the beach, alone.
My purpose was not to exercise but just to wander,
to feel the sand beneath my feet and WONDER.
I noticed the marks made by the little pippies (clams)
like some ancient script willing us to remember our connection

and the way the clouds filled the sky in ripples.

and how the water split the sand in tiny rivulets

I noticed the tiny pink shells along the tide line and the curled edge of the seaweed speaking to me in salty chartreuse. I smiled at everyone that passed me by and they smiled back and I felt GOOD.

It reminded me of the day I took myself on artists date,
all by myself,
all day long,
at first feeling lost and a little overwhelmed by the BIGNESS of nature, and then, over time, settling into my own smallness within the beauty and wildness of the landscape,
taking notes,

noticing colours,

hearing sounds and dreaming the landscape with my hand and pen

I played with the rocks
taking them on a journey with me

collected shells

and bought them home along with my memories

to inspire new art

and new beginnings

How do you find inspiration in Nature?
I'd so love to hear your stories....

until next time!
lots of love


Ginny Huber said…
What an inspiring and enjoyable post, Tracy. As a person who loves color and connection and process, I am intriugued by your way of observing and creating.
Roben-Marie said…
What a lovely post filled with so much inspiration! Thanks! :)
Liza Zeni said…
Hi Tracy,
I really enjoyed your post today, it took me away to a lovely peaceful place of quiet contemplation and inspiration even though I was here at my desk. This little artists venture of yours and the inspiration and collection you bought home reminded me of my uni days when we'd go off on a site visit at the start of a new studio project to do a site survey so we could then design our built form. We'd take photos, sketch the surrounds including texture, colour, forms, listen to the sounds, draw and document landmarks or built forms, collect natural found pieces and elements in the landscape and it would all come together uniquely from each different student because we'd each feel, see or contemplate the site in our own unique way and this would then inform all of our buildings and we'd respond to that site uniquely. I love that. The way each of us can say pick up a gum leaf and see different colours and markings, and when we go to sketch it we'll all draw our own interpretation of the form, colour and texture of the leaf.
My art is very much directly inspired by my natural surrounds. I love nothing more than to absorb my natural environment; be it the beach, local bush reserve, or to take off into the bush on a much loved camping trip. I love just being still in the landscape, sitting and daydreaming, absorbing all of the sounds and the movement in the air, watching the light in the landscape, the way it falls and filters and observing it's changes through the days, I especially love the changing colours and the feeling of the earth beneath my feet and allowing myself to resonate with the place I'm in. Thanks Tracy a lovely post xxx
Sheri Ann Ponzi said…
Tracy -- This is beautiful on so many levels. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your day on the beach -- and the beauty of your art, and the beauty of you.

julie - spaark said…
Tracy, once again on a similiar path with hawaii doing exactly as you wrote. Feels good just to slow down and disconnect with the busyness of life and reconnect with nature. I can spend hours just exploring the a very good mood right now:) Juliexo
get stuff done said…
I loved seeing how your walk was inspiration to your art. Loved the sketches. Thanks for sharing
Mary C. Nasser said…
What a gorgeous and inspiring post!
Nature is so soothing and amazing and healing.
Wishing you a wonderful day,
Dana Barbieri said…
This is such a wonderful post Tracy. You live in a totally amazing place! And you are totally right. Nature is where it is at. I love how you lined up the stones, noticed those colors, and sketched. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for brightening up my morning. xo
Pat Chapman said…
Oh Tracy you're teaching me already! I did a similar walk on a beach on the Pacific coast of Oregon and was amazed at all the different textures in the sand. (read: crazy lady bent over for an hour photographing ???!) created a photo book called Simplicity. But you absolutely took it to the next level. Thank you so much for expanding my artistic eye from afar!
Can't wait for October!
Robin said…
beautiful post..Im relaxed now....and I wanted to say Hi and that I was just added to your FB group Magically Mixed..Thanks so much and I look forward to all the fun..I love your colorful vibrant inspirational..!
wonderful post Tracy :) meeting you I had a real sense that you have a good grasp on the "beingness", so long walks on the beach are your secret ;)I'm still working on my painting when I find a snippet of time. Will get round to writing a testimonial i blog it or email it?
Sue said…
What an interesting blog. I need to follow you, so I will.
The piece that speaks loudly to me is the ink drawing of the landscape as you dream and hear sounds. :)
Janet Keen said…
lOVE THAT POST VERY INSPIRING . Going on an artist date tomorrow. I have been doing artist pages and walking and going on artist dates for around fifteen years and it really helps to spend time alone focusing and relaxing. You described the process so well.