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Paint Mojo February 2015


Now that that we have finished eating and drinking copious amounts of delicious (and possibly naughty) treats, it's time to clear our heads, breathe deeply the wonder and magic of everyday inspiration, and make some space for new creative birthings!

For some time now I have been feeling the stirrings of a creative revolution. I see it in the faces of my students as they light up with the recognition that they ARE inherently creative and that bringing forth that magic ripples outward into EVERY area of their lives!

It's contagious!

This past month magic has been happening big time in my world with one of my favorite authors and all round inspiring human beings, Elizabeth Gilbert, sharing my work several times on her FB page!!

 Like, pick me up off the floor! Liz Gilbert loves my work!!

I tried not to be all goofy about it, oh yeah, Liz is talking about my art.
That's kinda special...I'm cool with it...

but I have to admit there were some tummy buzzing, cartwheel flipping, totally freaking out moments here in our casa, as I saw my work being beamed out around the planet in thousands of shares and affirmations!

This was the first image Liz shared and I offered to send out the file as a gift for anyone that wanted it. 
If you missed out and would like a copy please email Kyla at and she'll zip it right on out to you! ♥

Then, last week I was blown away when I woke up to messages in my FB inbox from friends. "Did you see what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about you??"
Jumping over to her page of delicious, witty and insightful goodness 

i found this.....

I feel like lately Tracy Verdugo has become the patron artist of this Facebook page. I just love everything she makes...
By the way, she's teaching an e-course in painting soon, if anyone wants to sign up!
I'm thinking of taking the course myself — both because it could be fun, and because I think it might help me with my writing. Einstein believed in something called "Combinatory Play" — the idea that, by expressing creativity in one realm, you could get inspiration for another. This is why, whenever he was blocked, he would spend some time with his violin. By playing music, some channel opened up in his mind, and he could solve whatever mathematical problem had been dogging him.
Whatever it takes to get the inspiration flowing, get it flowing, my friends!

All love,

Now that is an awesome endorsement!! ♥

I would be honored if you would join me for the next session of Paint Mojo the ecourse. 

You can register right now, right here for six weeks of mojo making, inspiration instigating, creative wanderlust!

Whether you have never picked up a brush before, have painted all your life or are somewhere in between this ecourse is for you. ♥

Won't you join me in igniting your creative fire in 2015? (plus 12 months of continued access after class finishes and with more than 50 videos included you'll need it).
Early bird price of $197 available until Feb 1st. 
Class starts Feb 14th ♥

More than 400 awesome students joined me in the September session of Paint Mojo the ecourse and I was blown away by the beauty that came forth! A small sample of their amazing work above ♥

“I wanted to find out if I could paint from my heart/my head, rather than paint what I physically see around me. This class is so chock full of different ideas that actually help to pull creativity out of your bones! Tracy is a loving, generous, kind and wise soul. She teaches and lives out of her heart, and is willing to share whatever she can to help a fellow ‘creative’ play with no judgement of ability or talent. Art is a very powerful source of expression, and Tracy had a unique ability to make me feel secure enough to be vulnerable while exploring the things I want to express artistically”

Dawn Lang Weiland

"'s people like you Tracy, who encourage us to follow our dreams and cheer us on..... Thanks for this awesome course you provided, with not only techniques to paint beautiful paintings, but also to shine bright and follow our dreams. it was your honesty and candidness that helped me to know that i got this!! xo ~Kim Beller

Hope to see you in class Feb 14th!! 

ps congrats to the following winners of last weeks giveaway!!


Brandy Gerber ~ winner of the original painting.

Sally T, Angel Wolfstorm, Brooke Reynolds, you have all won yourself a spot in the ecourse!!

Aimee Wheaton, Prerna Poojara, Lynette Collis, Julia Stubblefield and Debbie Manske and Susan Curtin, you will all be receiving a handpainted postcard from somewhere along my 2015 European adventure. Send me your addresses :))
Congratulations to you all.
One of my all time fave TED talks from Elizabeth Gilbert ♥


Jensco said…
Congratulations to all the winners .Great post Tracy xo
jaci said…
congrats to all of you.. how lucky and how fun... great prize !!!!! keep us posted :) on all things verdugo :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats to the winners!
Oh Tracy, this blog made me chuckle. I still have that feeling whenever someone likes my work too but then again, why wouldn't Elizabeth like your work? It is utterly fantastic! You are so very talented.
Tori Burgess
Brandy Gerber said…
I am beyond words excited that I won your amazing art! What a tremendous way to start the new year. Thank you!!!!! Your art always inspires me and I am anxiously waiting for your upcoming Indiana workshop. It will be amazing to learn from you in person!
leah said…
What a wonderful endorsement of your art!
Congratulations to all the winners.
JackieP Neal said…
Congratulations to all of you lucky lucky winners!!