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Excuse me for floundering around but this is all new to me and my first blog has already disappeared once so time to try again. persistence..isn't that what it's all about. I was listening to someone speak yesterday on blogtalk radio about how most successful artists are the ones that don't give up, the ones that just keep plodding along and slowly working towards their dream. DREAM..yep thats a big one to hold onto but i guess first you have to have a pretty clear one to envision. The Universe isn't that great at sorting through all the flotsam spinning around in our overstimulated 21st Century minds do try and be as clear as you can. MY DREAM is to create every day and to make a fabulous income from that creating, to teach others to free their own awesome creativity and to travel the world teaching and making art. is that clear enough UNIVERSE?? ha ha..those big bold letters make me sound impatient. I'm not really (well sometimes i am) but I do understand about the whole Divine timing thing and my life is pretty amazing right now...lots of blessing around here! One of the things that makes me happy is our beautiful home. i am soooooooo grateful for my amazing husband who spent two years of hard grind transforming our home from a little 2 bed fibro to a gorgeous mud brick work of art.


Ingrid said…
Hi Tracy, we seem to have a lot in common. Connection so underlies what I do. I am also a singer/songwriter. I started my blog only recently too and intend to keep up with it this time. I'll add yours to my Google reader. Come over and have a look at my blog: