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Wanderlust and wonderment-day two

It's a wild and blustery day here on the coast of Devon. Actually the first day of Summer but feels like the kind of windy Winters day back home that would see us snuggling in front of the fire. 
Marco braved the elements to head out for a kitesurfing session and was almost blown off to the Caribbean ( I think that's what might be across the other side of this vast ocean!) He managed to navigate safely back to shore and is currently doing his yoga stretches on the floor in front of me before we head across to our "local" for a meal and an ale. 

I stayed inside mostly, working on an upcoming article and tutorial for Cloth Paper Scissors. Trying to capture the essence and impressions of this new and beautiful landscape....mixing more muted colours, open to new discoveries. 

The image above is how the piece actually looks right now and the image below is with a filter overlayed, more like where I should really be pushing it to, if I want to convey what's outside the window right now! 

So hard though! I'm such a colour girl! Longing already for lush Mediterranean scenes in shades of tangerine and turquoise after only a day or two of wet, grey surrounds. 

Yesterday we met again with our lovely friends Noel and Nora and their sweet kidlings Danny and Maya, for a traditional Sunday roast at yet another fabulous historic pub. Apologies to my nanny in Heaven but it was the best chicken roast and trimmings I've ever had with sides of cauliflower cheese, mashed root veggies, succulent snow peas, roast potatoes and swedes and gravy. I ate so much I may not need to eat for another week.... Oh that's right...we're heading out soon for dinner! Well maybe just a small bowl of Broccoli Stilton soup... Can you tell I'm enjoying the food here? 

Speaking of incredible food our first night here we were treated to a gastronomic feast for the senses when Noel and Nora invited us, as their guests to his highly renowned restaurant NC@ex34 in nearby Woolacombe. More on that experience later but here's a little glimpse of the 8 course degustation menu we enjoyed with paired wines, just to get your mouth watering! 

Hasta maƱana lovely friends. Time to grab our rain gear and umbrellas and head down to the old Thatch inn! 
Lots of love Tracy xo❤️❤️❤️


Cathrin said…
Dear Tracy,
what a completely beautiful watercolour painting - especially in the original colours. Is that a new style for you emerging?
Unknown said…
50 is fabulous!! At 63 I'm still creating strong and would love keep creating stronger!! Enjoying all of your photos from your fabulous travels!!
Patti said…
Love the post. Still hoping to win a spot in your class.
You must be having a wonderful time in France. I am
so enjoying your photos and posts.