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Friday, March 29, 2013

Two days till 21 Secrets begins!!


In just two days the classroom doors will open for Connie Hozvicka's 2013 21 Secrets online journal course!

I've been having a sneak peek at some of the awesome offerings from teachers like Dion Dior, Ro Bruhn, Rachel Awes, Roben-Marie Smith and Whitney Ferre! 21 incredible teachers with videos, prompts and lessons galore and all of this for $59!

I had such fun making my videos. In my class "One thing Leads to Another"you get to hang out with me in my garden and see where I get my inspiration for works like this :)

and together we'll create a journal spread which focuses in on what is truly unique about YOU!

YOU deserve to give yourself this gift of creative wonder. Don't miss out. Sign up now and I'll see you in class on Monday!!

Click here for all the details! :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21 Secrets Giveaway (and a painting too)!!

Good morning lovely friends!!
Its time for a giveaway!

I am super excited to be one of the teachers in this years 21 Secrets art journal playground. and my mind has been racing with all of the possibilities of things I could teach. When Connie asked me if I would be one of the teachers in 2013 I was over the moon and immediately started thinking about what I could share with you all.

I am not specifically a journal artist as I normally work LARGE but this past twelve months, much of it spent on the road, I have been spending more time in my journal AND I was lucky enough to attend a weekend workshop by the awesomely talented Orly Avineri who is, in my humble opinion one of the most exquisite journal artists around!

Here is some of the work I did at her workshop. If you ever get the chance to learn with Orly DO IT!! :))
You will love her!

For my 21 Secrets class I decided to offer you a class titled "One thing leads to another": as that pretty much sums up how I work, whether on a gynormous canvas or an itty bitty scrap of paper I play and I play and then I wait to see what comes. Sounds like fun huh? Yesterday I played with no expectation of outcome and ended up with.......

 some flowers in a mug....

an elephant to add to my growing collection....

and a slightly crazy eyed owl.......kind of how I was feeling at the end of this three hour painting frenzy!
SOOOO this week I've been filming like crazy, taking you on an inside tour of my studio

and in a way, taking you on an inside tour of my head! Well at least my creative process :))
Be warned! I don't do pretty letters, I don't use rulers 

but I do use my heart 
and my intention is to help you use yours.....

Oh and to end up with pretty hands like this!

I wont spill the beans on everything I am offering but we will be looking at the beauty of your very own unique mark and how to express it.

I hope you'll join myself and Connie and all of the other awesome teachers in 21 SECRETS beginning next month!  

This month Connie has generously offered me one FREE class to give away to a lucky winner here on my blog!! 


To spread the LOVE even further my little owl has told me he would also like to fly away to a new home (too many cats at this one) so I will be including him in the giveaway!

Leave me a comment this week and next and tell me one thing you think is pretty groovy about yourself (dont be shy!) I will announce two winners on Friday 15th March!! 

One for the free class and one for the painting. Hoot hoot!!

Good luck to you all!!

love Tracy xox

Footnote* This giveaway is now closed. Big congratulations to Sandra Belegi who won the spot in 21 Secrets and also to Stacie at Whitefeather Designs who is the winner of my little owl painting!! :))

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paint Mojo Moments~ Thank you Brisbane Mojo tribe! :)

 Thank you Brisbane Paint Mojo tribe......

"I just loved  the Mojo weekend, I enjoyed every step as I ventured into a new area of painting, collage and working with new materials. Tracy is a beautiful teacher who guides and creates a safe space to allow the creative energy to flow without our inner critic getting in the way. I love that since the workshop I feel sparked and have been painting almost everyday. Thank  you Tracy" ~ Emelisa

"Hi Tracy! This was my first ever live art workshop.  I was excited (and a little apprehensive) about attending for weeks.  When the day arrived to attend I was thrilled and dancing in spirit in anticipation.  Although there was some form of structure to the workshop, it still felt like an incredibly liberating form of painting.  I was able to express my thoughts and feelings onto canvas.  For this I thank you sincerely.  You have given me the courage to explore 'freedom of art'!!  I am now looking forward to new inspirations and creations.  I can't thank you enough".~Daniela

I have declared this year is all about learning new art techniques, as much as I can.. so going to Tracy's workshop was part of that ... I wanted to see in person what all this dripping and colour and creatures was all about!!!  Wow, what FUN, it was hands down the best workshop I have been to so far... I have learned along the way that I am a kinaesthetic learner, I need to DO ... not just sit and listen to someone 'talk' about doing... in fact.. those kinds of classes make me want to hit my head on the desk really hard. ~Denise

Thank you for a truly wonderful, inspiring and freeing weekend of painting! 
It was so lovely to lose myself in the process. 
I don"t know where the time went. 
Your instruction and demonstrations were informative and achievable , 
whilst still encouraging and allowing such a diverse array of art works. 
Everyone produced something unique. The venue was excellent and the company 
absolutely delightful in every way.
Well worth a trip to Brisbane,I would do it again in a heartbeat! 
Thanks again
Cas Duff
 What an inspirational, colourful weekend of creative play! Thanks again dear Tracy -  your workshops pour sunshine into life.~Gela

One of the things I most love to do when I am teaching is to walk around the room whilst everyone is lost in creating. Within their paintings beautiful things are emerging and sometimes they are so lost in process and sometimes they are battling the inner critic. 

Over their shoulders I find the worlds within worlds. Little cropped pieces of the whole, small facets of a mysterious unfolding.


I document these small crops with my camera
perhaps they will inspire future works....

over the weekend there are many layers
covered and revealed



students have described Paint Mojo as being about

loss and the discovery of strength


about being given permission to play


reigniting a spark

loosening up and letting go

finding community

and learning to lighten up on ourselves

Maybe 2013 is your year to experience all of the above and join me for some seriously fun Paint Mojo time. Click here for all the latest workshop updates!

 Thank you to all of my Brisbane Paint Mojo tribe. You seriously rock!

Thanks also to the gorgeous, ever smiling Denise Daffara for this beautiful post on the weekend.