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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sacred Marks Bali!! Registration now open!!

Sacred Marks Bali August 2014!!

Hi lovely creative  friends! 

I am super excited to announce that registration is now open for two Sacred Marks Retreats with myself and guest artist Louise Gale amongst the swaying palm trees aside the tropical waters of Sanur Beach in Bali!

Give yourself the gift of 8 days of total cultural and creative immersion...a time to stretch, rejuvenate and explore new territory....

a time to go out on a limb and find your creative voice, your sacred mark....


Much more info here on all that is included...would love to meet you there in paradise and be your creative guide to a more expansive, joyous, fulfilled YOU!!!

(Image credits: Many thanks to my friend Kerri Edwards, Bali afficionado, for allowing me to raid her treasure trove of lovely pics. I'm hoping we can also convince her to join us for some language lessons!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love has no boundaries♥

"As the Parliament of New Zealand passed a bill to allow equal marriage in the country, those in attendance of the reading broke into song, once it was announced that it had passed.
The video posted by the Parliamentary TV service, sees the speaker of the house announce the results of the reading, which saw 70 votes for and 44 against, before cheers from the crowd.
Someone in the public gallery then calls out, before an emotional pause, and the song Pokarekare Ana, a traditional love song, written in 1917, and considered by some an unofficial National Anthem.
The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill introduced equal marriage for all regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity."

"New Zealand is the 13th country in the world to legalise equal marriage.
It is legal in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay."


Monday, April 15, 2013

Sharing the love~ another giveaway!

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,

It lights the whole sky.”




 Good morning gorgeous friends!!!

Well I have to admit life is treating me pretty well lately. 
Summer has hung around well into  Autumn 

here in Australia and I know 
for many of you around this beautiful planet, 
Winter has hung around for far too long! 
So I'm ready to share some warmth....

Sunday morning I took my coffee and notebook down to the beach and did some work on my book which will be coming out with North Light Publishers mid 2014! 
The water was turquoise and crystal clear, the suns rays warmed my body and soul and I got to thinking about how grateful I am for EVERYTHING!!

and then I remembered a little giveaway project I have been thinking about for ages and realised it was time to pay it forward!

 Flashback to November 2012....I'm in California at the tail end of my teaching tour and I receive a surprise in the mail!! 

 All the way from India!


Its from my FB friend Mubin Sultan. a woman whose kindness and love for humanity always shines through in her posts and who I will visit one day in India, for sure!

In the parcel are a whole bundle of sweet little note cards with teeny matching envelopes. 


and straight away I hatch a plan to pay it forward...

first by sending a little note card back to Mubin with a teeny original painting on it

and then sending more of them out into the world to spread the love a little further

but months go by

 and life gets in the way

priorities, deadlines, important stuff, blah, blah, blah.....


and then, this weekend

I took the time to sit in the sun and was reminded of what is truly important.......



Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

and so this week I am sending this little ellie all the way to India for my friend Mubin who took the time to send me some kindness and love.
and because kindness and love always multiply in infinite ways
I would like to take the time to send three more elephants out into the world with an intention to keep the love moving.

Would you like to receive one?

Just leave me a comment with your name and email and one thing you have done or will do to spread kindness this month. 

I will pick three names at the end of this month using a random number generator 

 and three lucky people will receive one of Mubins little notecards adorned with an original elephant painting 

with love

from me♥


 Cant wait to hear from you

love Tracy ♥

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

in my world lately.....♥

 Good morning beautiful friends, family and fellow creatives!


The weather continues to be gorgeous here in our little paradise and even though Winter is on its way we are still in Summer clothes :)


 Beautiful elephants continue to appear in my paintings!

You can read about the inspiration behind these paintings here

 AND I experienced a complete paradigm shift when 4 of them sold in one weekend.....


Who would have thunk it!!

 I especially loved this little poppet who flew off to live in the U.S ♥

and THEN out of this demo painting, started at a workshop....

Tracy Verdugo. 2013. The Elephant and the Butterfly:A Change Whose Time has Come. acrylic/mixed media on canvas. 76x76cm (30x30"). $1600

appeared this powerful beauty...

now this one may be hard to part with and prints will definitely be coming soon!

 I've been LOVING Misty Mawn's Face to Face online workshop. 
She is such an awesome, soulful teacher!

and the opportunity to explore faces again is one I have been relishing!

 Speaking of faces you'd have to agree with me that this one is pretty darn cute! 

Our beautiful, quirky, one of a kind Sienna turned sweet 16 last week....


so amongst a plethora of k pop inspired fashion I gifted her this little unicorn painting.....

and while we're on the topic of birthdays my dear dad celebrated his BIG 70 and we spent a lovely afternoon together.

I LOVE that our girls always have time for poppys jokes and old school photos ♥

 THEN!..........lucky me! 
My baby sister Emily came to visit

 with her whole sweet family!
including this precious boy who I got to snuggle with for the first time

and this beautiful girl who I hadn't hugged in far too long!!

 I had a blast making videos for my classes in Connie Hozvickas 21 Secrets online workshops!!
 The classroom doors have only just opened  so it's not too late to come on over and join us!

only $59 for 21 amazing teachers!!, a fabulous community and a wonderful compilation of classes!

 My kids Tuesday art classes caught the elephant bug too!

 so many beautiful drawings!

 I love Tuesdays!

and my talented young students!♥

 oh and I don't think I mentioned we have some new pets in the house. Two little fish. The kitties just adore them!

 Bella likes to watch them swim

 around and around they go....

and Gingy thinks they are just the cutest!

I'll protect them, he says to me, with those big green eyes...

Thats about it for now....wishing you all a week filled with laughter and wonder!♥

Don't forget to check my workshop page

We had a blast last month at Paint Mojo Huskisson and Paint Mojo Newcastle and I have just opened registration for Paint Mojo Sydney and Paint Mojo Florida PLUS Sacred Marks Huskisson in November PLUS a 2nd Paint Mojo Melbourne which is already half full in just a couple of days!! 

Will leave you with one of my favourite to-do lists ♥

 lots of love

Tracy xox