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Monday, November 18, 2013 amazing new offering begins NOW ♥


Several very profound things happened to me the weekend before last at Call of the Wild Soul in beautiful Petaluma, California.


love this pic from Petaluma taken by the gorgeous Erin Faith Allen

One of them was that I became aware on a very deep level
 of the truth of something that has been nudging at my awareness these past few months, 
something that began as a whisper, 
a vague unspoken feeling but has now offered itself as truth.

The truth is that each time I teach I understand more deeply that creativity at its core is connection to source and that as we allow ourselves to unfold creatively EVERYTHING in our lives becomes more connected, flows with more ease, embraces LOVE with more authenticity.

I have been feeling the power of a WAVE of creativity washing over the planet~ 

a revolution of the best kind ♥

and then,
 while I contemplated all of this in such a spectacular, spirit filled setting,
 an email arrived, 
from the divine Hali Karla, inviting me to be a part of an online workshop

 absolutely, totally in alignment with all I have been feeling!!

Don't you just love that?

A visual Journaling Experience celebrating your Art~Body~Nature!

 I am soooooo excited to be joining more than 30 holistic-minded artists, healers and visionaries that have come together to offer a 10 month online workshop

in which you will create a visual field guide devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening and celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU. 

Whether you are just beginning a visual or art journal practice, or looking to enhance & spark a seasoned one,
Spectrum is for anyone interested in the holistic creative connection between mind~body~soul~spirit.

This journey is about connecting with BODY as guide and ally, 
ART as intuitive, expressive oracle,
and NATURE as provider of love. lesson, abundance and belonging.

 and best of all you can sign up now for the early bird special price of $99 only until December 16th


One more very important thing.......:) 


Hali has given each teacher one free spot to giveaway so please leave me a comment with your name and email and which of the topics above most speaks to you in your life journey right now. 

Good luck and hope to see you all in class

lots of love Tracy xoxo