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Friday, July 11, 2014

Its raining Mojo~AND a book/painting giveaway!!!!

No words right now......♥

My book is shipping out all over the U.S and copies have hit Aussie shores now too!
For those of you still patiently waiting in other places thank you!
Thank you everyone for your kind words, support and encouragement!

and THIS just blows my mind!

The creativity cannot be matched in any other book! Every time you open it you will get another new idea and technique. She opens doors in my own mind and emotions that empty out into works of my own. A must have for every type of artist or simply a terrific book to have in reach to get your imagination going again! Buy and enjoy! Julie

This book is very inspiring! Tracy has created a worldwide art community through her positive attitude and incredible sharing. This book would be something great to read even for people who aren't artists. She's a philosopher and teacher, and receives great joy by sharing her passion for life in general, as well as for art. And, of course, this book has a way of getting artists really juiced up about breaking free from old paradigms and "rules" about how art "should be". Thanks Tracy! I will be buying more of your books for some special friends. Lynn

I have been waiting for Tracy's book to come out and am now excited to have it in my hands. I find the illustrations beautiful and of course that it is filled with Tracy's art and step by step instruction makes it THE BEST art book I have. I absolutely love it being spiral bound, which helps for it to lay flat for ease of working with art projects when having messy hands. Tracey continually fills the book also with encouragement and positive expression which makes it feel like she is right in the room with you!! Exercises to get yourself going creatively are throughout the book as well as instructions for art making. I will never get tired of this book AND it will go with me when I teach my art workshops as a resource! Susan

Her gorgeous artwork excites my eye, but Tracy & her guests share a philosophy much more inspiring. She allows one to understand how to access creativity & offers many exercises to enjoy on the path to creating unique personal artwork. In my opinion, Tracy's incredible book could be good reading for writers, dancers, singers, etc. My favorite book because I want to refer to it again & again. Thanks for spreading the joy, Tracy! Joyce

Thank you also times infinity for my awesome contributors for the heart and soul they put into Paint mojo, 
sharing their stories, wisdom and projects. 
You are all amazing!! ♥
Photography~ Santana Verdugo and Beth Saxena

Paint Mojo is out there 
and to spread the mojo even further 
registration for my ecourse will open in 10 days!

Make sure you sign up here to be first in for the earlybird special!

Also super honored to be featured in this months Somerset Studio!!

 Thank you so much to everyone on FB who sent me pics while I wait for my copy to arrive from the publishers :)

Of course I couldn't let the release of my book go by without celebrating with a giveaway and there are several ways you can enter to win a signed copy of my book WITH a small original painting hidden amongst the pages ♥

1. If you already have a copy you can head over to Amazon and leave a review. I will be drawing two separate winners from these  reviewers. One in about a week or so and the other once I know that all preorders have shipped to the various parts of the planet.

2. You can leave a comment on this post and let me know how your mojo is these days. Have you lost it, found it, playing hide and seek with it, any tips for others? Share away!!

3. You can blog about the book/giveaway, share on your FB, twitter and pinterest pages etc and each share will be equal to one entry. Just let me know the number of shares in your comment. 
I want this book to reach as many people as possible!

Tracy Verdugo. 2014. Faith on the Journey. Acrylic on paper. sold.

Happy weekend everyone!! Feeling mighty blessed :)
Keep sending me those sweet pics of you all holding Paint Mojo. 
I'm making a collage for my studio wall ♥

Lots of love
Tracy xox ♥

ps whoops one last thing! Almost forgot to share this...a little glimpse into my creative world by filmmaker extraordinaire and lovely friend Christopher Collins! Enjoy :)