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Friday, August 29, 2014

GIVEAWAY!! Three spots in my ecourse!!! Who wants one? ♥

Hello beautiful friends!!

I'm back from Bali where the lovely Louise Gale and I hosted two amazing groups of creative women for my Sacred Marks retreats.

I'm feeling rejuvenated and rearing to go as we continue to put together my very first ecourse and sooooo excited that more than 240 enthusiastic students have registered so far to find their mojo and make their mark!



I had really meant to do this earlier but you know, the best laid plans can go astray when you're busy having, working hard in tropical paradise!

because I've left it a little late I've also decided to extend the early bird price of $197 until midnight Sept 5th (pacific standard time)!! 

Woohoo! That's also the day I will draw the names of the three winners :)

Here's how to enter ♥

Leave me a comment below telling me why you'd love to win.
Share this post on your FB page, blog, twitter, pinterest and any other place you feel compelled to. 

Then tell me how many shares you made and each one will get you a chance to win! 

Easy peasy right?

ps if you decide to register for the early bird price and then you win, I will refund your payment or you can gift it as a scholarship. I have several deserving people in mind ♥

I know you have all been curious about content so I wanted to share some snippets with you. We'll be looking at "tantalising textures", "inky explorations", "palettes of possibility" "pathways to abstraction" and "ban the background/bring on luscious layers" along with many other exciting techniques and processes!

We'll also be exploring ways to cultivate your own unique style, embrace happy accidents and say YES to a looser, happier, more creative YOU!

If you're sitting on the fence and unsure whether to join me in my first ever ecourse this might help you to decide :)

This morning I received an email from an FB friend wanting to join up but confused about my recent FB post with examples of the kinds of things we will be exploring; "are we doing portraits?" the emailer asked, " I love portraits. You didn't mention that in the class description."
Maybe you feel like my class descriptions have been a little ambiguous or unclear.
Let me try to explain why....
Firstly I KNOW that many of you are all ready to venture fearlessly (or anxiously) outside of your comfort zones. You may have already attended an in person workshop or read my book or follow this blog and I'm pretty sure I get that message across in each. 
I know you are up for that kind of creative growth and that makes me uber excited!
This will NOT be a class about step by step instructions, about painting a painting like me or even about specific techniques (although I will share lots of those).

This WILL be a class about finding your voice, your style, your confidence. About exploring creative process and possibilities and finding new things, epiphanies from mistakes, happy accidents, making new connections and being open to new dreams.

Maybe you'll find a portrait from your palette or an elephant in your inky explorations, or maybe you'll find something you never even dreamed of.

I WILL challenge you to shift perspectives and the way I will be doing that is by inviting you into my own process as I do the same.

There will be two very different video deliveries each week. 

One, a professionally filmed HD video that follows the progress of one of my large format paintings. This will be very much like attending a live two day workshop with me and I will talk you through the moves I make, the symbols I use, the colours I choose, the problems I encounter and how I solve them.

My intention is for you to paint a large painting alongside me and from the pics below from two of my in person workshops you can see that there will be many variations that will come from this process.

The OTHER weekly videos will be more intimate, less polished, just me (and you, and maybe a kitty or two) in my studio with my camcorder exploring ideas to share with you.

Here's the thing...
I LOVE to be in the same heart/mind space as my students. My workshops are never rehearsed or planned to the last detail. I am ALWAYS open to heading off in brand new directions and these videos will show that.
Although in each one I do start off with a general idea of the project that will go with the weekly theme I have not rehearsed or tested the project beforehand in any case.
This is so EXCITING as you will be right there with me as I make a new discovery OR change direction OR create a little side project from my leftover paint that will reappear in a later week. You will be right there as I make a mistake or LOVE what I am doing or decide I DON'T like what I am doing, or get a bit frustrated or stick my brush in my coffee (well I haven't done that yet but you never know, I'm still filming.)

In essence you will be there with me in my slightly messy, definitely not "styled" creative space and together we will move forward and get stuck and make messes and beauty all at the same time.
Along with the videos there will be PDF's and prompts and explanations and inspirations..lots and lots.
Does this all make sense?? 

Are you READY to let go of any preconceived notions and TRUST? 
Are you with me?
Good luck everyone!! Winners announced on the morning of Sept 5th.
Hope to see you when the classroom doors open Sept 24th. Our FB community is already buzzing with excitement!

If you're ready to register and want to make sure you catch the early bird go here right now :)

lots of love Tracy♥

ps this giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the lucky winners Beth Weatherford, Suzanne Schroder and Michelle Reuss! You can still register for Paint Mojo the ecourse until end October! :)