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Friday, February 13, 2015

Countdown to 9 months of adventure!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off!!

That's me pretending to be super excited that in less than 10 days mi amor and I are leaving for 9 months away from home!!

Truth is I'm a bit excited and a bit apprehensive and a bit sad and a bit head in the sand and a bit missing home already....

Excited to see family and friends in the US and to be teaching in 12 cities!!
Beyond excited to be going to the UK, Ireland and Europe for 4 1/2 months (for the first time!) with workshops in so many amazing places and lots of time off in between to explore. San Sebastian Spain for my fiftieth birthday with my sweet family...blessed beyond!
.....and super excited to wrap the whole trip up with a month in our beloved Mexico during which time we will visit the Virgen de Juquila, coming full circle and giving thanks for favors granted since our family pilgrimage there in 2008.

 Sienna in 2008 looking at the thousands of handmade thank you crosses that are scattered across the hillside outside of Juquila, put there by thousands of Pilgrims who attribute their answered prayers and miracles to the brown skinned Virgencita. You can read more about her here

Pilgrims about to enter the church, many of them have traveled hundreds of miles, some make the final part of the journey on their knees.
Apprehensive because my body craves routine, these past two years more so than ever as I try to find a way to navigate an apparent mild but simmering colitis flare up. I'm grateful that in terms of my day to day life it is more of an annoyance than an obstacle but I do worry (in my down times) that the stresses of travel could make it worse. Mostly though I am even grateful for this as it has made me reassess some of the things in my life that I definitely needed to eg more balance, less work, more play, calm time, good food choices. I'm not perfect by any means but definitely getting better.

Sad because its a time of letting go ( yeah yeah that's what I'm so good at teaching others to do!), letting go of my babies, now incredible young women, Santana so happy with her lovely Jacob, both of them staying here to look after our home and kitties, Sienna finished high school and off on her own to discover the world!! She's 17 for goodness sake!! Who on Earth encouraged them to spread their wings and follow their dreams so young?? Oh yeah that's right we did....

Head in the sand because oh my.......there's just so much to think about and plan and do and we still have to finish our taxes from last year before we leave and I've just opened session two of Paint Mojo the ecourse and Bella needs a weekly injection for arthritis and.....trying to just breathe and do it all little by little and remembering that actually, we much prefer to be accidental travelers, leaving gaps in our itineraries that unexpected and wonderful adventures can fall headlong into :)

and missing home already, well that's just the Cancerian in me and as some of you know our home has been in a constant renovation for many years, room by room, mudbrick by mudbrick and with the final bathroom reno we are just about finished. Did I mention I could probably move into that bathroom and never leave. ♥

before 2006

 after..yes I'm married to a miracle worker. ♥

the bathroom you never want to leave :)

But I'm saying a resounding yes to my adventure, through the trepidation, the exhilaration and the big unknowns! Its really the only way to live don't you think?

Maybe you'd like to say YES  to an adventure of your own and join me along the way.....

there are still spaces left to discover your Paint Mojo in beautiful County Cork Ireland!

One spot has become vacant for a week of creative exploring in Southern France

or join me for a week of sketching and painting and adventure in  exquisite Orvieto, Italy!

My whole itinerary and other possibilities to join in the Paint Mojo fun right here!
(also two brand new 2015 workshops just announced in the Netherlands and Liverpool, UK-email me for details

Can you feel a case of creative wanderlust coming on? Its contagious you know ♥

I'll be dropping in here lots more as we travel, so even if you cant come along in the flesh stay tuned for some armchair travels as I keep you all posted about our grand adventure! :))
lots of love Tracy

PS My February session of Paint Mojo the ecourse starts today and the classroom is buzzing already! If you cant make it to a live class this year come on over and check out whats on offer virtually here                                                                                 
         AND stay tuned for the first in my very affordable Mini Mojo video workshop series coming up  soon~ Animalitos!!
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