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Monday, February 11, 2013

Judy Wise is coming to teach in Australia!! :)

The first time I ever paid a visit to Judy Wise's blog I felt like I was visiting the home of an old and dear friend. 
I walked through her gardens, lovingly cared for by hubby John, salivated over the fresh produce on her kitchen counter, 
marvelled at her travels and wondered if one day I might get to do the same and live a life of inspiring others all over the world, 
mostly though 
I fell....
head over heels in love with her art ♥
Fast forward a couple of years and here I am living my dream, travelling, painting and teaching
oh LUCKY me!!
I get to help fulfill Judy's dream of coming to Australia to teach and explore!!
Please don't miss this opportunity to learn from one beautiful, soulful, knowledgeable artiste extraordinaire!
Hope to see you in gorgeous Jervis Bay in May! 
The dolphins are waiting for you :)  
Image credits:Michelle Stewart

May 18 - 19, 2013         9:30 am - 4:30 pm         Jervis Bay, Australia


$350 for 2 days of cold wax instruction with Judy Wise

Deposit of 50% to hold your spot in the class and the remaining 50% due by April 10th

Come and spend two information packed days with the enthusiastic teacher Judy Wise and discover or increase your knowledge
of the versatile medium of cold wax The surface is irresistible; it has the subtle beauty of oil paint, of wax, and can be
manipulated both in traditional oil painting approaches as well as many techniques common to printmaking and encaustic painting.
Students can expect to work on a number of substrates simultaneously and will get a feel for various approaches
to the medium including collage, textural additives and working with dry pigments. In addition, Judy will share her favorite
cold wax recipe and will show you how to make your own to create the best formulation for your needs.

If you've been curious about trying cold wax this is your opportunity to explore in a guided environment.
Judy will demonstrate and provide each student with a packet of collage material and an informative hand out so you
will remember everything. A short materials list and suggestions for lodging will be forwarded to enrollees.
The class will be held at the local Scout Hall and there are several cafes nearby for our convenience.

Deposit or Full Price

If you have any problem with the PayPal button you can mail the funds directly from your PayPal account
(where it says "send money") to

Once registered you will receive a confirmation response and supply list.
Please email me at if you have not received it within a day.

Please no cancellations 
 Judy Wise is an Oregon painter, writer and teacher whose work has been published over several decades in books and periodicals, on greeting cards, textiles, educational materials, calendars and in the gift industry. She is prolific and inventive, keeping daily journals of her writing and art since childhood and finding fascination in many divergent art related areas. She knows that art saves lives, that people who make art are more interesting than people who don’t, and that everyone can be creative if they are adventurous. She is a passionate lover of all things artful and of helping others find joy in the process of self expression.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

evolution of an elephant :)

Elephant Love

I've had elephants on my mind for some time now. Such beautiful creatures they are....

mysterious and wise, capable of great joy, rage and sadness.....
just like us

Last January in Koh Samui we were excited to be able to go on a jungle trek with two beautiful female elephants....

I'm taking the photos from my perch and thats Sienna taking a photo back of me. I worried about how heavy we were and the mud below that swallowed up their giant feet and made the going tough at times....

I was kind of glad to get back, dismount and happy to give thanks with tiny bananas....

  a gentle touch and soft words of love and gratitude

Santana had a moment of communion too

as did Marco and Sienna....

a year has passed and I find myself drawn to painting these beauties...

this little one appeared first as part of my Little Creatures series, and was quickly scooped up and taken to its new home......

and then this sweet pair showed up on my canvas of drips and I went along with the discovery. I think I may do a little more work on it so that the mama doesn't look like she's shedding a tear.....

and then I stared at a canvas on my studio wall that had been sitting neglected for a year, 24x24" of random marks and splotches of colour

and I began to block out the outline of an elephant thinking about the beautiful painted elephants in the Indian Festival of Colour....(I used a photo found on Pinterest as a shape reference but changed the trunk from pointing down to pointing up and off the canvas for a more interesting composition)

I began to add light dark glazes over areas that would be in shadow

introduced some more defined decorative elements and patterns and an eye to bring her alive 
( I LOVE this part!)

added another eye in shadow, deepened the dark areas and heightened the lighter ones

then played and played for several more hours until at last, standing back, there she was before me, finished! 

The name "Bringer of Joy" came to me immediately and then my friend Dorothy contacted me and told me that her spiritual name "Anandita" given by her Indian guru means "Bringer of Joy" 
How perfect is that?
Anandita she is then :)

Hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into my process. Be sure to check in on my workshop schedule. 

 Maybe one day we can paint together! :)

Lots of love and wishes for a wonderful week of smiles and possibilities xoxo