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Playing with rocks and shells

Last weekend I took some time out. I drove to a secluded spot in the National Park near our home and climbed over boulders waiting for inspiration to find me......I played with rocks and collected shells. Its been a week and a bit and I'm still feeling a subtle buzz and a centredness that had been missing for some time...maybe we should all take a day alone in nature more often. Could it be that easy?

Slide 2

A little rocky journey in progress...sometimes life is like that

To my surprise the rocks headed straight back towards the grotto that I was collecting them from...a sort of homecoming....a return to is like that too........:)

Back in the studio I laid out my treasures and placed them against small textured papers that I had created several weeks earlier...some of them turned out quite beautifully. They are still sitting there on my studio table waiting for me. I wonder what they will become?

Hope your journey is full of love and possibilities this week
Tracy xo


Rebeca Trevino said…
thanks for stopping by by blog. . . which prompted me to check out your blog.
enjoyed the visit - loved your work. i'll be back soon.
Brenda said…
Love these little artworks.