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My arty life...a stroll down memory lane

2002 "Still life with maracas" oil pastel on paper by Tracy Verdugo

I remember the article clearly...the year 2000, turn of the century...the local newspaper and a story about an artist (the beautiful Chere le Page) giving classes at the Berry School of Arts one morning a week...with one daughter in school and the other beginning preschool I decided it was time for some "me" time.....and my creative life began....the beauty is that it feels like it begins again each day, each discoveries, new ways of seeing, new directions...every day is a buzz...11 years down the track and my creative world is overflowing with happiness....thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some old friends..not sure if I can find any really old ones as I'm pretty sure we lost a hard drive somewhere between then and now but let me see what I can muster up.....

2001 one of my very first paintings....

from my first solo exhibition in 2002 a local scene inspired by Mexican amate paintings...

2003 "across the universe"

2003 "An Eagle Flies By"

circa 2004 I love that this one depicts a view of the bay in which we live and it now hangs in a home close by overlooking the same bay :)

around 2003 "Everyday Angels" pastel and ink on paper

around first attempts at mixed media...playing with fabric and paint..

One of my faves from 2006 "Birth of a Song"

also from 2006 "Estefania Dances" the first time I actually asked an online(MySpace days) friend if I could use her photo as an inspiration for a painting...

at some point I even ventured into pet portraits but realised this wasn't my path (as cute as my furry subjects were :)

2007 inspired by our beautiful beaches

2008 Garden of Delights series

2008 Dreaming...Tree of Life series

2008 "Where Inspiration Lives"

2008 "The Edge of Similarity"

2008 "Summer Song"

2009 Fiesta

2009 "Behind Closed Doors"

2010 "Joyride"

2011 "Grow Love"

2011 "Keeper of Secrets"

Hope you've enjoyed this teensy sample of my works over the years...always love to share a little of myself in hopes of inspiring you to new and true levels of your own loveliness ♥


You are a true talent Tracy -and you have found your forte. Like the new font too. Much easier to read...XX
Tracy Verdugo said…
Thanks Kate....oh and I'm glad you like the new layout too...hope you're snuggled up by the fire...not a very good market day! x
mum said…
love everything you do talented and super mum
Tracy Verdugo said…
thanks you xo
Jo Murray said…
Hi Tracy nice to meet you on my blog. Looks like mum's your No.1 fan, but you can now put me on the list too.
Holly Eva Gay said…
I want a few prints Please! I would Like a print of the Local Scene painting - third one down from the top - Im the girl in the white hat under the tree - I love this one Tracy.
Colorful Heart said…
Hi Tracy--just discovered your blog (because of LifeBook 2012 which I had signed up for before you joined) I'm reading your archives...and really enjoyed this post and seeing how your style has moved and changed since you started. Keep up with the beautiful work!