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beginnings, middles and ends

The Possibility of Pleasure. Tracy Verdugo. 2012. acrylic/mixed media on ply. 30x30cm.


a time of exploration and play,

new discoveries and endless possibilities

dancing and dabbling,

letting go and loosening up

my favourite time ♥


a sometimes tricky, muddling time of uncertainty,

losing the way, finding a new way,

losing trust,

wondering what the $%&^#% I'm doing,

self doubts and mini breakthroughs

and breakdowns...

( I have lots scattered through my studio in this stage :))


This Sacred Journey. Tracy Verdugo. 2012. acrylic and ink on canvas. 20x40cm. Sold.

a time of resolution,

"Sit a While by this Deep Pond of Love". Tracy Verdugo.2012. Acrylic/mixed media on ply. 30x30cm.

problem solving,

Just Stop and Breathe. Tracy Verdugo. 2012. acrylic/mixed media on ply. 30x30cm.

exhilaration and the thrill of seeing something new created,

The Possibility of Pleasure. Tracy Verdugo. 2012. acrylic/mixed media on ply. 30x30cm.

thanking the Universe and shaking my head at the wonder and beauty of the whole process ♥

What's your experience? I'd love to hear!

Tracy ♥♥♥


Brilliant Tracy !! I'm stuck in a lot of middles at the moment ! Just what I needed :) wine will have to wait !
kim beller said…
WOW! what a cool process...(and scary)~~~i love the end results. have always loved your paintings........... so much color and vibrance....they make me happy~
Jenny said…
Beautiful Tracy!!! Gorgeous and vibrant... your work is stunning...

Jenny x
cookievf said…
hi tracy ~ it's wonderful to hear that your workshops are coming to the US. thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us!

I am an artist who is discovering her "mojo" through the pages in my art journal and is excited by the growth i see there. One day i will take the leap to canvas! ~ vicki xo
Ann Marie said…
Pretty much the same. Even going back to change that one thing in a painting that just doesn't feel right, even if I've already called it done and signed it. I love it when I stick with it and bring my work through the rough patches of uncertainty.
Shells said…
Beautiful work, loved seeing the creative process.
Sarah Anderson said…
I don't plan my beginnings, just go for it! LoVe your sketchbook snippets - I love a good nosy at people's sketchbooks! And the resulting canvases are stunning as ever.
Roben-Marie said…
Looking forward to November! Your work makes my heart sing! :)
I love your stuff!! It is beautiful. Lots of eye candy here. I became a follower so that I can pop in often.

Hope to chat with you again.
Alita (Alicat) said…
Just took a break from Pinterest to check out your blog. GREAT, GREAT blog and I'm totally loving your art. I love the use of color. So very inspiring. Thank you!
Paula said…
Hi Tracy. I love this post! I will certainly help me in my painting process as I'm feeling a tad lost with a few pieces I also have scattered around my art room. Paula xo