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Its raining Mojo~AND a book/painting giveaway!!!!

No words right now......♥

My book is shipping out all over the U.S and copies have hit Aussie shores now too!
For those of you still patiently waiting in other places thank you!
Thank you everyone for your kind words, support and encouragement!

and THIS just blows my mind!

The creativity cannot be matched in any other book! Every time you open it you will get another new idea and technique. She opens doors in my own mind and emotions that empty out into works of my own. A must have for every type of artist or simply a terrific book to have in reach to get your imagination going again! Buy and enjoy! Julie

This book is very inspiring! Tracy has created a worldwide art community through her positive attitude and incredible sharing. This book would be something great to read even for people who aren't artists. She's a philosopher and teacher, and receives great joy by sharing her passion for life in general, as well as for art. And, of course, this book has a way of getting artists really juiced up about breaking free from old paradigms and "rules" about how art "should be". Thanks Tracy! I will be buying more of your books for some special friends. Lynn

I have been waiting for Tracy's book to come out and am now excited to have it in my hands. I find the illustrations beautiful and of course that it is filled with Tracy's art and step by step instruction makes it THE BEST art book I have. I absolutely love it being spiral bound, which helps for it to lay flat for ease of working with art projects when having messy hands. Tracey continually fills the book also with encouragement and positive expression which makes it feel like she is right in the room with you!! Exercises to get yourself going creatively are throughout the book as well as instructions for art making. I will never get tired of this book AND it will go with me when I teach my art workshops as a resource! Susan

Her gorgeous artwork excites my eye, but Tracy & her guests share a philosophy much more inspiring. She allows one to understand how to access creativity & offers many exercises to enjoy on the path to creating unique personal artwork. In my opinion, Tracy's incredible book could be good reading for writers, dancers, singers, etc. My favorite book because I want to refer to it again & again. Thanks for spreading the joy, Tracy! Joyce

Thank you also times infinity for my awesome contributors for the heart and soul they put into Paint mojo, 
sharing their stories, wisdom and projects. 
You are all amazing!! ♥
Photography~ Santana Verdugo and Beth Saxena

Paint Mojo is out there 
and to spread the mojo even further 
registration for my ecourse will open in 10 days!

Make sure you sign up here to be first in for the earlybird special!

Also super honored to be featured in this months Somerset Studio!!

 Thank you so much to everyone on FB who sent me pics while I wait for my copy to arrive from the publishers :)

Of course I couldn't let the release of my book go by without celebrating with a giveaway and there are several ways you can enter to win a signed copy of my book WITH a small original painting hidden amongst the pages ♥

1. If you already have a copy you can head over to Amazon and leave a review. I will be drawing two separate winners from these  reviewers. One in about a week or so and the other once I know that all preorders have shipped to the various parts of the planet.

2. You can leave a comment on this post and let me know how your mojo is these days. Have you lost it, found it, playing hide and seek with it, any tips for others? Share away!!

3. You can blog about the book/giveaway, share on your FB, twitter and pinterest pages etc and each share will be equal to one entry. Just let me know the number of shares in your comment. 
I want this book to reach as many people as possible!

Tracy Verdugo. 2014. Faith on the Journey. Acrylic on paper. sold.

Happy weekend everyone!! Feeling mighty blessed :)
Keep sending me those sweet pics of you all holding Paint Mojo. 
I'm making a collage for my studio wall ♥

Lots of love
Tracy xox ♥

ps whoops one last thing! Almost forgot to share this...a little glimpse into my creative world by filmmaker extraordinaire and lovely friend Christopher Collins! Enjoy :)


Rebeca Trevino said…
congratulations! all very exciting stuff!
you go girl!
Laura said…
Congratulations! Great inspiration. My mojo is always in overdrive. So many ideas, so little time.
Christy Grant said…
Congratulations on your book and the excitement it's generating! I can't wait to get a copy!
Sandy said…
My Mojo is limping along. She was in healing mode and is now in rehabilitation. Excited for a full recovery. Super excited for your book. Hugs and best wishes.
Congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment. My mojo is on fire and I am excited about the new things around the corner.
Debbie said…
I have been following you for awhile and am part of your Magically Mixed Community! Love it! My mojo goes from time to time to be honest - I think it does for most of us. But when you are filled with inspiration it really revs those engines up in your mojo motor like nothing else can! I am inspired by your work and really hope one day to create in my own special way you do. thank you for the chance!
Debbie said…
Hello!! I have posted a 4 comments/shares ---comment here (earlier ) and I have shared your link on my FB page - personal one, and my art page, hercreativesoul, as well as on my Twitter - seeksoulbalance
thank you so much for this chance to win!! :)
Karen Main said…
As I watched your video i found myself longing for that feel of paint on my fingers, when time is irrelevant, hunger is gone and sleep is not needed. The flow of pouring myself onto a canvas.
My creative journey has taken a turn toward poetry and a spell of photography this past year.
Maybe this is the beginning of a new my love affair with paint, poetry and photography.
Thank you for igniting my curiosoity about my own talents.
Happily shared your post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest,
Suzee said…
I received my Paint Mojo book 2 days ago from Amazon and I haven't been able to put it down once. Except that one time that I put it, open, on my table while I played with magenta, green gold, teal and pthalo blue paint. I'm pretty sure that would explain the small drops of magenta paint on that page! My mojo has been lost in action for a little while, but appears to be peeking around the corner, smiling at me now. I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to register for your course at the Pacific Northwest School of Art next year!
Thank you SO much for sharing so much of yourself.
I just picked up the Somerset Studio issue today and was SO excited to see your name on the cover! Congratulations on your book - I am excited to see it in person. I always have a ton of "idea" mojo - now just need to get my "get your butt on the studio" mojo going!
Shells said…
Congrats Tracy, I'm really looking forward to receiving my copy of Paint Mojo. Have popped a link to your blog onto my FB artist page! Well Done!!
bettywisse said…
Very exciting times for you. My Mojo comes and goes, right now I'm looking for it again.
Gloria Gypsy said…
Tracy, my mojo is inspired daily by your posts on facebook, and your youtube channedl! So excited for your success with your book. Can't wait to read it myself!

I am sharing on my personal fb page, my fb art page and also on my Creative Sacred Living magazine page and on my twitter account! Hope to help spread the word for you!
Tracy, my mojo is ready and waiting! Eagerly awaiting your book in the UK :-) xx
Shawnee Charles said…
I would love to win a Lovely Book!!! Congratulation's on Mojo!
Kathie said…
I would love to win a copy of your book. I keep my mono by trying to learn new techniques. Following the directions that I get in books, seeing if I like the result and then doing it my way. I try to be constantly learning. Videos and books are great tools for keeping you going when you are in a rut.
Effie said…
My mojo has packed its bags and well and truly left the building!...maybe it will come home with your fab book in its suitcase!
lysrian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
lysrian said…
I love the book. And am happy for you that it is doing well. As for my ran away a while ago
Cheryl Connell said…
Would love a copy! Maybe it could jumpstart my mojo who always has tons of ideas and no ACTION. :)

CHeryl from Canada.
Kat Zander said…
My copy is expected to arrive TODAY! I am so excited i can barely contain myself! Would LOVE a copy with goodies! Come on UPS i need my mojo!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Tracy! This is so exciting. My Mojo is feeling like a hopeful prisoner. I would love a copy to relearn how to release my inner inspirations.
Sue March
Anonymous said…
it looks like a fabulous book and of course I want my chance to win it. My mojo has been on vacation lately. While I continue to make art and try to stay in the creative spirit, I don't seem to be doing anything new or exciting right now.
Suzanne Segady said…
I was checking this book out at Amazon! I am a poet, but a newbie to art. Lately, I've felt called to combining the two in mixed media, and I've been reading up on how to get started. Your book looks so inspirational!
Anonymous said…
congratulations Tracy this is wonderful! I have been waiting for your book, my mojo has been hiding for a while and only returned last week. It comes and goes with my health and having a chronic illness it can drive me crazy as my art keeps me sane through the harder times but also when I am extra unwell my mojo disappears!! When I do have my mojo by my side I still have to pace myself so work can be slow but I love that feeling of not being able to sleep but jumping up to paint or draw a little in the middle of the night
Lynne said…
My mojo was lost for awhile, but it's come back nice and strong this month.
Jo Murray said…
I'm with you Tracy...there are many kinds of Mojo.....but your Paint Mojo is very special. Mine occasionally appears...and with it a wonder of the magic that is losing yourself in a painting. I could certainly use your book! Congratulations on its great success.
Anna said…
Your book looks truly inspirational. My mojo has been absent all year , probably due to the fact that I have been unwell. I feel it trying to make a comeback as my good health returns. I don't want to loose it again as my life without it was only am existance ,not a life.
cal8007 said…
What awesomeness, Tracy! I shared on Facebook too. Thanks for the chance to win your amazing book!
judy mountjoy said…
My mojo is patiently awaiting your long awaited e-course!!! I am telling everyone about it including my mixed media fine art teacher at my classes, who just loved your work when I showed her!!
never lost it...always evolving..vErY excited to be abandoning art too! this month abandoning art kits to spread the creativity~ I would lOvE to win your bOoK!
Congratulations, Tracy! Your book is touching many lives around the world...that is truly inspirational! What a blessing :) My "mojo" is always active. Most of the time, it's running on high! Thank you for the chance to win Paint Mojo! I've shared in 4 other places + word of mouth ;)
Jocelyn said…
Congrats exciting!!!! I must admit...yes my Mojo has been a bit lacking in the past few months and this makes me sad!!! Life sometimes steps in and sidetracks you, so I would love to be able to take some time making art which makes me so happy!!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!!! I love your ART!!!!
Ophelia Staton said…
I would have to say, my mojo has been a bit illusive these days..I have just been feeling so stuck. Not knowing exactly what it is that I want to do, and chasing the wind -- or doing what other people are doing - which leaves me so frustrated, as I can't seem to find my own style! Your work is so inspiring. I purchased your book and felt such a jolt!! I can not wait for registration to begin on your course...I have loved your work for such a long time!! Thank you so much for making this all possible!
Kristin said…
My mojo has been hiding completely these days. I've been in the process of moving, plus working two jobs (about 70 hours a week) I'm constantly exhausted and I feel like I don't have an original thought in my head. I go into my art room and sit down and I have no idea where to even start and eventually I just walk away. I would love to win a copy of your book to help me jumpstart it again! :)

Kristin Langlais
Rosie Grey said…
Congratulations, Tracy - this looks wonderful! I still have to wait until your book will arrive here in the shops, but I can't wait to hold it in my hands!
I've lost my mojo somewhere between work and sick days :-( and would be grateful for any tips I can fit in a busy schedule ;-)
Diana S said…
Congratulations on the book. I keep finding you, I'll search for something else and there you are. I think my mojo is telling me to pay attention.
Luna Bird said…
my mojo is constantly poking me, I wish I needed less sleep
Marjanne said…
The book looks great!
My mojo needs a holiday, as do I.
Afterwards we may both be fresh to work again.
Emily said…
WOOHOO!! Congratulation Tracy! My mojo is being created - I pushed it down for a long time, but now I have the time and space to really see what I am capable of! I would love come of your Paint Mojo to add to the mojo mixing pot! :D
bwheather said…
Oh dear, I've lost my mojo since I had to tidy up the place and feel reluctant to make a mess out here again. Although, I do love it when I'm free to just sit and create. I feel hubby is really reluctant to let me make a mess again, too. He has little comments that simply put me off or make me reluctant to go at it, again. ;-)
Congratulations Tracy on your beautiful new book! I'm rocking my Paint Mojo right now with a daily process of creating a new body of work, so I'm staying focussed. Looking forward to seeing your book when it reaches the UK in August!

* I've shard your blog on my FB page

Blessings of beauty,
Cat xo
MaryK said…
So I was sitting on a plane last weekend next to an old bloke who seemed pretty rough round the edges. He ended up sharing a bit of his life tragedies with me and then told me the thing that got his life back on track... It was starting a fine arts degree back in the 80's. We then spoke about different artists and techniques we loved. I left that plane surprised by the unexpected gifts life can give and the power of finding yourself in art. So where is my Mojo now? I found it again on that plane and have come home, attacked my uninspiring painting space and am ready to find another little piece of myself.
Congratulations and big hugs to you, Tracy! You must be SO excited! My mojo has been slipping away lately, and I'm not really sure why. Time for a break or...???
Val R said…
Congrats Tracy. I am waiting for your book, so exciting!
congratulations; i'm looking forward to diving in with a big mojo attached, and let it go! thanks, and your magazine layout and art is fabulous! love the fascinating perspective.
Veronica Funk said…
Tracy you are a real inspiration and your excitement for art definitely spills over! Thank you for that.
Kaye said…
Hey Tracey - you make my mojo GLOW!!!
Love it! Left reviews & comments on Interweave, Amazon, Pinterest Google+ and Twitter. Will post on FB later today. Maybe a blog post too... with photos of my first project. :D
Grace said…
What a great little post finished off with a wonderful insight into your art making. listening to you speak about it & the way it flows through your life make me want to pick up your book even more! My mojo is a bit hidden at the moment, and I'm feeling a bit stuck in the balance, but no to worry I'm sure it will reappear when I least expect it! XO
laura said…
congratulations!!! so exciting for you and for the rest of us too!!! my mojo has been missing in action for quite some time now but i havent lost hope :)
thanks for opportunity!!!
~Tonya said…
A BIG Congratulations to YOU, Tracy! You deserve all the sweetness that life has to offer.

My MOJO - Has gotten up and ran away :( Since my separation and my divorce, there simply isn't any time for ME. I work full-time now and take care of my kiddos. It's hard starting a new beginning.

I yearn to create, I'm just not there yet, thou. My heart truly isn't happy unless I'm creating. I want my heart to dance again....some day it will.

Thanks for a chance to win your fabulous and creative book and the most prized possession would be a little something tucked in the pages from you :)

Blessings to you,
CHRIS said…
Hi Tracy, love one of your gorgeous books. I hope to find my mojo hiding in your glorious pages. Shared on FB Pinterest & Twitter. Thank you for the opportunity xx
Hi Tracy,
I would LOVE to have your book in my art journaling classroom. Your work--and your JOURNEY--is so inspiring to me and would be to my students as well!

Thanks for the chance to win it!
Isabelle z said…
Congratulations for all your work! You made me discover the term mojo I had never heard before (I'm French!). Now I want to learn how to explore it with your technics!
Isabelle from Quebec, Canada
Janee' Hassell said…
I posted on pinterest and facebook. I'm 56 yrs old and after some major life experiences, seeking my MOJO again. Life waits for no one.
Cathy P said…
Congratulations Tracy! Looking forward to your course! My mojo is abit down lately, need a pick me up :)
Maria said…
I'm reading your book and loving it!
Michelle said…
Congrats on publishing the book and what a great title - I so need a Mojo boost right now!!
Donna Rosser said…
I just shared on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook! I love this book -- it is a great mojo boost. Mine arrived yesterday!
Magdalena said…
big congrats, it looks really interesting in the best way possible! my mojo is on the rise, would love to fuel it even further with the help of you book ;)

cardamomkisses at gmail dot com said…
I'm breathing new life in to my mojo. Turns out I needed some down time, but now it's upupup!I'm even relaunching my own blog (soonish) to reflect the return of mojo. :)

I found you (and your book) as a recommendation to me from Amazon.
Susan said…
Hello Miss Tracy...just finished your book this week and wow! Loved your family stories and lovely creativity beaming through each page. It will be a book I go into over and for my own creative muse...? Well, I think you said it in your post...I'm playing hide and seek with it! Always, Susan
Anonymous said…
My mojo is OK - have been stuck lately but I have moved my paints upstairs and have taken over the dining room table and have just painting again. the dining room is a mess but I am happy...Lisa Crail
JKK said…
So very exciting! I have your book and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to sign up for the e class! Best to you. Hopefully one day I'll be able to take a class with you in person!
anab said…
Congratulations Tracy!!!this must be a super dooper awesome feeling :D WOW!

my mojo is committed(if there's a thing like that, hee!). and i am super inspired just by looking at the cover of your book :D i only have the e-book though, but super happy+big grin to have it than not. and i would really, really, REALLY love to have the real book; something i can hold and see anytime (and who doesn't?) :D

left comments at:
Interweave store,
and Book Depository

you're such a color-FULL angel!

Thank you for this opportunity :)
Congratulations Tracey. You should be very proud of yourself. Gods on you.

My mojo is generally pretty good, although lately it's a little up and down. I feel I'm at a cross roads at the moment and need to make some majors decisions in order to start heading in the right direction. Knowing which path to take in terms of my art is weighing on my mind and affecting my mojo.

Keep up your amazing pace and enjoy your journey.
Kyles xo

Rita Hatcher said…
Congrats , Tracy! You are so inspiring! I am fairly new to this. I struggle with finding my own mojo, so much in my heart and head.I would love to have your book.Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Jane Keeling said…
My mojo is starting to accelerate due to the sun is shine , but I would love to get a copy of you book or go on one of your courses to really be inspired by a brilliant artist . Love your work :-) jane x
Stephanie said…
my mojo is hiding a bit. too many other commitments right now. hope to paint again soon
Nicole said…
Oh Tracy, a call to engage with my mojo? Could you be any dang more fantastic?!?
Mine is there. Somewhere, needs some coaxing out of hiding, for sure! Paint is out on the table, and I'm doing anything but painting…HELP, girl, HELP!!

Karen said…
Today I discovered you, joined your Facebook page and learned about your beautiful book! Congratulations on your success! My mojo is currently in full zoom mode, but occasionally I do lose it. I try to do art every day, and cannot get enough. When I am not creating art, I am thinking about it and waiting for the very next opportunity to get back to it. Art is such a calming and therapeutic activity for me, and I LOVE seeing what others are doing and learning from them. I hope your book sells MILLIONS!
Jen said…
First off congrats on your book! You are so inspiring to me! Your work sings to my soul! I'm currently trying to open up, listen to my heart's calling, to use my my art as my voice. Your class is on my wish list! Blessings~
terri said…
Dear Tracy. Just left a review and I will be sharing this link in three places. Love to you. Big love. And sign me up for that luscious give-away. <3
Gillian Pearce said…
My mojo is very much in my head at the moment as it's way too hot to go into the attic where I usually paint!
I pinned about your new book on Pinterest.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.
Robyn said…
My mojo is up and down...sometimes good, sometimes not. I try to push through the low motivation times and just keep creating! I would LOVE a copy of paint mojo!
Elizabeth said…
So excited to be getting your book!! I love your grace and style and calmness!! Wonderful!! I am spinning around with too many projects in my head and on my plate- need to take a few breathes and slow down !! Hugs!!
Shared on FB as well!!
Anonymous said…
Love these images. Soo cool. Thanks to my friend Elizabeth Woodford who shared you and now I've done the same on FB.
Anonymous said…
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Nonetheless, I'm certainly pleased I came across it and I'll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

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Gez Butterworth said…
Waiting... not so patiently here in the UK! My mojo went missing around last Christmas time... trying to juggle too many life issues at once! Delighted to find you on Instagram and then heard about your book! My mojo has been tingling ever since !!

Thank you! Thank you!
Karen K. said…
I was looking at another book when I saw yours at the side of the page as an alternative... bonus! I love your use of color and the randomness of your shapes - I will be trying this in my own art journals!
trish quilty said…
I think my mojo left via an open window. I seem to be in a slump and I need a restart with your book.THanks for the giveaway.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Mary Hurlburt said…
Congratulations on your book.My mojo has been coming in bursts. Too often day to day life gets in the way of my creativity. I received your book and have been reading through it every chance I get. It is very inspiring and I'm anxious to start tying the techniques. Mary
Susan S said…
I am taking your class in Palm Desert, CA in Feb 2015 and would love to read the book prior to doing so. It would be really great to win a copy! So looking forward to the class!
kristana said…
Congratulations!! This looks so wonderful!! (And my mojo comes and goes in spurts too, so I can relate)
sandi said…
Love the book and gave 5 star review on Amazon!!
The book looks wonderful! Looking forward to getting my copy.
Mmmm....inspiring beauty!! Thank you so very much for this generous & beautiful opportunity!! Many blessings ~H<3~
Unknown said…
I would die and think I went to heaven if I won. Just reading it now but love another copy and art too. Still holding out for in person workshop. Blessed to be part of your community.

Irene eaves
Helen Dubrovich said…
I attended a workshop with you a few years ago and felt so liberated as it showed me different directions I could take which I wasn't aware of previously. Will be attending the first workshop in Bali with a friend and am so looking forward to learning and creating so much more. I feel ready to really open up to all the hidden creativity within myself that I haven't been aware of up to now. Helen xxx
Tiffany said…
Can't get enough of my new book! And adore the binding!
Andrea Warren said…
My mojo is gone.... opened an art gallery (kind of a co-op) a year ago and have had very little time to paint at all. :-( Missing the joy painting use to give me. Am going to sign up for your class and so desperately want to read your book.
Ashley Troop said…
My mojo with 3 kids, a job and school is a weekend mojo. My best advise is to just git r' done so to speak, doing little creative things sparks even more creativity.
Carol said…
My mojo is not so good at the moment but I've finally received your wonderful book and can feel mojo twinges. I love everything about Paint Mojo and my 8 year old grand daughter and I plan to work our way through it. Thanks, Tracy!
I found my mojo and can't wait to get your book to keep on keeping on :-)
Anonymous said…
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Wow! I just found out about you and your book but it could not have come at a better time! My mojo has jet lag. lol I desperately need some positive encouragement in order to help others. I wotk in a nursing home in the activities department. I believe art can reach those with severe dementia. Art brings healing like nothing else in this world. I would love a copy of the book to read while I recover from surgery for 6 weeks so I can bring a new mojo and energy to the patients.
Anonymous said…
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Wollhuhn said…
I just bought your wondeful book - and now I'm planning to come to your workshop in Ireland!

I'm excited and a little bit frightened as I never took an in-person-workshop and I'm so SHY :-)


Best wishes from Germany
Wendy said…
I think Dr. Evil may have my mojo :/ I shared your book on Pinterest :)
Anonymous said…
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Mary Goode said…
I would be thrilled to win a spot for your ecouse. Shared on FB. Thank you.
lbfreer said…
Winning a spot in the class would be amazing! I teach art to over 600 elementary students, so need to keep my MOJO going! Shared on Facebook and Pinterest! be apart of your beautiful, magical offering would be a delightful honor, filled w/ soulful & artful growth.

Thank you for this incredibly generous opportunity to journey along!! Many heart filled blessings... ~H<3~