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22 days of Gratitude & giveaways wrap up.

What a beautifully abundant 22 days that was...

So much love, gratitude & insight thrown around. And lots of happy dances from giveaway winners! 

Here are the lucky ones that won themselves a place in Paint Mojo, the e-course, the journey begins.... 

Congratulations again!!

~ Cindy Benko 
~ Janet Ghio
~Robin West
~Attila Nagy
~Wanda Miller
~ Beth Figiel
~ Megan Raemakers
~ Kim Mailhot
~Laura Grant 
~ Shirley (Colorado)
~Lura Brown
~ Jennifer Farmer
~ Karen Rapport
~ Julia (Lovingrd)
~ Lynn o'Brien
~ Mellissa Partridge
~ Kim Smith
~Diane Wayne
~Pia Rom
~ Nancy Kennedy
~ Kirah Van Sickle  

Now lets watch them glitter on their creative Journey! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

If you weren't in this list, but deeply desire to take part in Paint Mojo, the e-course, I have good news...   
The special early bird price of $197 US is available until August 22nd !!

You can register here 

What you can expect from Paint Mojo the e-course.
▪ 6 weeks of instruction (delivered via a password protected site) including weekly videos showing the evolution of a large painting from start to finish with insights into my thoughts, techniques and process while the lorikeets and finches flit and sing in the garden behind me!
▪ weekly videos from my studio in which we will work alongside each other exploring endless possibilities, using prompts and inspiration from my world and yours. (More than fifty hours of videos!)
▪ PDF's for each exercise and video, yours to download and keep.
▪ mini pep talks, strolls through my sketchbooks, random inspiration flashes...there will be step by step tutorials but my greater wish is to stimulate your own inspiration and help you to tell your own stories through your art making practice!
▪ explorations into intuitive creative expression AND creating intentional art while still retaining a fluid looseness and an open mind. forays into abstraction using a variety of tools and techniques. Weekly themes (like "free as a bird" and "six impossible things before breakfast") which will enhance not only your creative skills but spill over into your everyday world for a more balanced, abundant and joyful life!
*connection with a worldwide community of creative souls via our Paint Mojo FB group.
▪ access to all content for 12 months after class has ended.

You can also read more about the e-course here 

"I continue to be amazed by Paint Mojo. It is your generosity that is so striking - you are generous with your time, your input, responses, feedback, and material! There is enough material for a much, much longer course - not only did you offer all of it at once, you extended our time to access it. You have a generosity of spirit, too. You share yourself - vulnerabilities, stories, success, even your beautiful family. You befriend us! And you created an online community that reflects your wisdom, care and generosity.
On a personal note, one piece I will never forget is your project towards your degree - so insightful, interesting, provocative, revealing. I learned so much from it........
I think I am treating myself a bit more kindly in my studio. I remember to thank myself for painting and I try to extend the same generosity of spirit to myself that you offered us. That's a life lesson that is priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And many blessings as you travel, teach, inspire and share! "
Judith Brown Bryan

And a note to you from Tracy.

 Hello, hello sweet friends and creative followers.

I hope you decide to jump in with gusto and passion, or even walk slowly and sideways in, with hesitation and self doubt. Either way I will be with you, holding your hand as you explore your innate creative potential. You, my friends are all artists! Every single one of you!
And I am honoured to have the privilege of simply shining the light on the splendour that you have just tucked away. This is your time to shine!
Tracy xoxo

If you would like to join the Paint Mojo, e-course tribe, you can now register here!!

Love From, 
Kyla, Tracy's assistant


Christine said…
Congratulations to all the winners!
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be grateful.
Thanks again!
Bev said…
Happy Birthday Tracy enjoy your travels and I wish you many more xxxx
jo said…
Awesome ness!!