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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello Summer!!!!!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....Summer is here...two more weeks till school is out and I'm soooo looking forward.....

to some of this

a little bit of this

and a whole lot of this!

more time for hugs

and sunsets :)

and lots and lots of creating!
Wishing you all a week of Summer splendour or Winter wonderment
love Tracy xo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Power of Possibility♥

Less than 6 months ago my vision of "What is Possible" was changed forever.
I had created my vision board 2 years ago around living a life of purpose and passion while traveling the world and helping others to find joy in their own creative spirit.

It still felt very far away. I had created a great presence in my local area, selling my art and teaching kids and adults for the past 12 years and like a happy little fish in a small bowl I was a little bit scared of what lay outside my comfort zone.

I wanted to shine my light and I had to start breaking barriers one by one.....I remember an analogy I heard years ago by the larger than life Tony really stuck with my mind it created a picture of all of us walking around inside bubbles, some small, some very large. Each time we saw a new possibility, achieved a new thing our bubbles expanded slightly and from the perspective of our bigger bubbles it became easier to see even more possibilities....

and to BELIEVE in our own potential for greatness ♥

This April my Possibility Parameters took a giant leap when I met the gorgeously, inspiring Flora Bowley when she came and stayed with our family to teach an amazing workshop here in Jervis Bay. Here was a woman embodying the life on my vision board, an actual real life example of What is powerful is that??
In a way I feel like Flora jumped inside my bubble with me and helped me push the sides out to a new place of belief I had not even envisaged.
Within a few weeks of meeting Flora I was accepted to teach at the extravaganza Art Is retreat in Sydney next March with these amazing artists
and then my bubble expanded more and I became brave enough to see a much bigger picture and GO FOR IT!
Less than 6 months since being accepted to teach at Art Is I have manifested the following into my life and that big ol' bubble is waving, floppily around, trailing behind me in the wind
AND I HOPE........
allowing all of you to peek inside and see the possibilities of your own magnificent life.
Here's some tips from me on how to make your own vision board to bring your desires, dreams and intentions into clear focused reality :)

*My first international teaching tour Sept2012-Jan 2013
Sept 19-24 2012 Petaluma California Art Is retreat

Sept 30-31st 2012 Orange County, California Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted workshop . For more info contact the wonderful Christy Nimeh in this amazing group or here at her blog :)

Oct 3-9 2012 Stamford Connecticut Art Is Retreat

Oct 12-16 (TBC) Excelsior Springs, Missouri Sweet Freedom Retreat!

Oct 19-21 (TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Texas.

Contact Selah Gay


♥♥ Oct 23-30 Fly to Taos New Mexico to meet my sweetie and celebrate our 25th anniversary! ♥♥


Nov2-5(TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Florida

November possible workshops in Claremont Botanic Gardens LA, Atlanta, Georgia and Seattle....still working out the details on these. Sign up for email update..I'm hoping to finalize my itinerary by end of January.

Somewhere in early December I will be teaching a four or five day workshop at Hacienda Mosiaco in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!!!!

January Todos Santos, Baja California...anyone want to fly down and paint with me in this beautiful village?

Late Jan (TBC)Honolulu Hawaii Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop at the beautiful studio of Susan Conrad Risse

Last week I was invited to fly to Koh Samui, Thailand to be the judge of a huge mural competition and hold my first International exhibition at the beautiful Namcha Samui Jan...I haven't even started painting for it yet but there's all kinds of room in this bubble right now and the ideas are flowing!

and on top of all this I will be teaching in my first online class with 15 amazing artists in Tamara Laportes LifeBook throughout can learn more by clicking through on the link below...I'm kind of exhausted even typing all of this and in many ways it doesn't quite feel real yet but I sense 2012 is going to be the year that I begin to truly live my dreams. Click here to view more details on the amazing Life Book online course

Am I scared?

Hell yeah!!!

Will I breathe through the fear when it comes up and work my hardest to live my true purpose?

You better believe it!!!

I am truly grateful for the support of my family, friends, workmates and online creative community. I would NOT be traveling so fast and in such a true and wonderful direction without you all here to support me....I send you all LOVE and GRATITUDE from my ♥ to yours Tracy xoxox

Here's a little taste of whats in store next March in Sydney. I will be teaching this evening class as well as 3 full day workshops...hope you can join me!

Viva Mexico: Monoprinting
View larger image
* Full and Part Time Attendee Prices:
Price: $60.00
Code: 3hrTV

Viva Mexico Monoprinting
Tracy Verdugo
Friday March 16 - Evening Class
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Aye Carumba!! Come Join me for a “muy fantastico” evening workshop where we will take a creative journey into the enchanted and whimsical world of Mexican art. Having been married to a wonderful Mexican for 25 years I consider this beautiful country my second home and have spent many happy weeks and months exploring this amazing culture……together we will explore the vibrancy and quirkiness of some of Mexico’s leading artists and from this we will find inspiration to create our own playful and vivid artworks! Starting with the humble meat tray we will sketch our ideas into the foam core and print these images onto our prepared backgrounds…then we will hand paint our works and add details using a variety of tools…you will take home your artwork and your foam print which can be used multiple times to create more pieces… will LOVE this fun and simple technique…suitable for all levels! See the whole schedule for Art Is Sydney here :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yarn bombers! Oh I LOVE this! ♥

Good morning lovely friends. I just found this over at Meagan's awesome blog and felt compelled to share. What a wonderful world it could be if these were the only bombs and this kind of crime was rampant. Bring on the tactical knitters!!!!

Madga Sayeg's Busbomb
By Bella Arnott-Hoare ArtsHub

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
As cities grow larger and more anonymous a rogue cult of Guerrilla Knittas are working to improve the intimacy of the urban landscape one stitch at a time. The movement of graffiti artists, dubbed ‘Yarn bombers’, have abandoned spray cans in favour of knitting needles and balls of wool.
Yarn bombing is a form of street art where rebellion and knitting needles come in equal measures. Depending on how you see it, yarn bombers have a slightly diffused aim from their aerosol cousins and are donating their works back to the public space. In the process they hope to brighten up the everyday greys of cityscapes, trees, signs and fences.
The operation is still considered vandalism and its tactical knitters are often forced to create their colourful sleeves for fixed objects under the cover of darkness. In the process, they use dozens of balls of wool and countless needles for what is sometimes referred to as ‘Grandma art’.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing in the field of happy accidents .....

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” –Osho

Morning my beautiful friends! I hope you like the renovation! Its feeling very fresh and clean in here!

Today I want to share a few ponderings on the spirit of play and the willingness to see the beauty in your mistakes.

I've been hanging out with precious munchkins like this for the past 12 years

They teach me as much as I teach them, probably more...

I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do and I realised today that I teach my adult workshops pretty much in the same way that I teach the kids. Anyone who has ever been to one of my classes will know that my catch cry is that there are no mistakes in art just "happy accidents" or opportunities for creative growth! Try to remember this next time you pick up your brush or pencil :)

Here are some other things I encourage

Making crazy creatures and funny faces!

sending gratitude out into the world...

finding your own unique, individual, amazing strengths...

being proud of your own awesomeness!

exploring, discovering and sharing new ideas!

Being inspired by others to teach and try new things!

being outrageous! Playing with your food!

taking time for quiet reflection....

and joyful leaps!

making art everywhere you go...

and remembering to the beach...

or in the dress up box!

Come play with me!

Click on the Life Book (top right) link to play with me and 15 other amazing teachers online in 2012 or sign up to my blog to keep posted on where I will be teaching in 2012...

so far the confirmed list of my workshops includes Koh Samui, Thailand, Sydney, The Blue Mountains, California, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Hawaii and Mexico.

I would so love you to join me....much LOVE and creative PLAY to you all this week!
Tracy xoxoxox

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You guys just GET me ♥

One thing I know for in this beautiful online world I have found a place where tribes gather.....
like minded.....
joyfully sharing.
I know that when I have a moment that's a little hard to explain there are a whole bunch of you out there that KNOW exactly where I'm at.
I LOVE that.
So many of you share my love of thrift in Australia we call them Op-Shops- Opportunity cool is that?

Anyways we live in a small, small town but we have an awesome op-shop and the elderly ladies that volunteer there....well can I say they kind of know me ;p

I walk in the other day and my eye goes straight to something delicious sitting on the counter.
I dont remember the exact words but something to the effect of " you always like things for the dress up box"..not quite sure where that came from,
perhaps just my love of the out of the ordinary, preloved exotica that noone else wants.
Who wouldn't want this?

torn, fragmented memories of a colourful life....

a coat of many colours...

intricately designed and stitched...

luscious patterns against silky green loveliness♥

and this one...lovingly sewed who knows where or why..

pom poms and patterns galore :)

I even love it here just hanging on the wall!

I know you're feeling it with much beauty, care, love and possibility and they shoved them both into my bag for free with the words "strange, worn, colourful, different, weird, unusual, frayed" beautiful metaphors for a beautiful life ♥

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lovin' our garden in Spring! ♥

wandering out early in the in hand :)

sunlight through the leaves of the umbrella tree...

succulent colour burst on the front deck♥

wild sweet strawberries appear in unexpected places...little bursts of sunshine in our mouths x

agapanthus ready to bloom...

pretty pink roses down the side passage...

bring on the zucchinis!

last years spinach has sprung to life again and is snuggled next to bunches and bunches of self seeded coriander :)

baby sunflowers...can't wait to paint them!

a perfect caterpillar munched on love heart leaf!

blissed out bee inside a mulberry splattered arum lily ♥

mulberries galore!

and the occasional berry lovin' fairy♥

Birds of paradise outside Marco's recording studio...

and lilies outside mine♥

a wild untamed corner of nasturtiums and daisies!

Bottlebrush blossoming!

and our wild boy Gingy lazing on the back deck ♥

I cant help but be inspired by all of this Springtime scrumptiousness.....
finished this little inky artwork on the weekend
and its now on its way to the sweet Lura Brown in Vista California
who is the lucky winner of my painting giveaway celebrating 1500 members
at our totally inspiring Magically Mixed Art Group on Face Book..

if you haven't yet joined us we'd love you to come hang out and share your creative bliss!

Also dont forget to check out this wonderful opportunity for creative growth ...I am super excited to be one of the Life Book teachers!!

and for those of you in Australia or wanting to come visit next year you must not miss out on this amazing event I'll be teaching at in March in sure to come on over and check out all of the amazing workshops on offer:)

Have a beautiful day my gorgeous fellow artists and soulful seekers..sending BIG love your way! ♥♥♥