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Dont let your song go la la la!!!!!

Now that I know how to embed videos in my blog I thought I should probably post this little video I made of some of my work from over the past 12 years.

Hope you enjoy!

That's me singing too and I know I keep that pretty quiet
but Marco and I are working on a new CD with the gorgeous Ged and Syd
and we're aiming to release it towards the end of the year...
Hopefully by then I will have figured out how to make
some videos to go along with our music :)

Just wanted to share for those of you on your own creative journey that it has, for me, not all been easy to let my voice be heard. I sang for years in my bedroom, in the shower, busting out in the house when no one was around...singing along to mums Dolly Parton records (Jolene, Jolene, Jolene,Joleeeeeeene...I'm begging of you please dont take my man!)and memorising all the words to Grease when I was 12...

but it wasn't until I was in my early thirties that I began to get the courage to sing in front of others, first just to Marco, then one other friend, then a small group, then after three years of encouragement from Marco and others, my first gig! 8 months pregnant with Sienna!

I still get super nervous about performing but I challenge myself to "feel the fear and do it anyway"! We just recorded a version of "Here comes the sun" and I'd love you all to send me your best heart warming Spring/summer pics so I can make a little slideshow for my Youtube channel. Also if you'd like to hear some music from our last CD you can head over here for a listen :)

ps you'll be hearing from me quite a bit in October as I'm taking part in Blogtoberfest over here at my friend Cathy's (aka tinnie girl) blog...looks like a lot of fun so come join us!

pps if you LOVE Lisa Sonora Beams book The Creative Entrepreneur as much as I do head on over to my Magically Mixed Art Group on FB. Lisa is thinking about starting up a FREE business chat group so jump on in to the conversation and lets us know what you need to help your creative business flourish!

ppps send your lovely sunshine/springtime/summer pics to me at and feel free to add a caption

Thats it from me to my studio very soon to paint...sending love, hugs and luscious, creative vibes out to you all
love Tracy ♥♥♥


Patti said…
Love your voice. My fave rendition of this song. Beautiful. You sound like a bird. I actually sang along with you for fun.
Tracy Verdugo said…
Would be so fun to sing with you in real life Patti!! x
csweet said…
You are incredibly talented!
Johoanna Robson said…
Oh Tracy! I don't know what touched me more, your singing or your lovely artwork. There's no words for what I feel...just beautiful. <3
Carolyn said…
You are so talented with both art and voice.This was the song chosen for my mums funeral, so I felt every word.
Just gorgeous! All of it :) Such a powerhouse of talent! Keep on sharing.

Amanda Findley said…
Hey Tracey, Our good friend Mick Hibberd a musician extraordinare uses a mixture of stills and has started adding video snippets when he puts together our holiday adventures- i think its a real art form which he is super talented at- here is a link and you should be able to follow to you tube chanel to check out other titles such as the Tasmania Chapter- Cascades, Cup stacking, Summer 2011