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feeling wonky!

Hi beautiful peeps!
I've just signed up for Blogtoberfest and you can too by clicking the little link somewhere over there on the right....I'm not even sure how it all works yet but I can feel a giveaway coming on and it also means that I'm making a commitment to blog every day this month which means you'll be getting the good, bad and the ugly and today I'm totally feeling like a mixture of all three...I dont really want to go into it suffice to say that I'm in a seriously self doubting mood and I'm just going to have to ride it studio feels like a good place to hide today I think...both of the girls are working at their weekend jobs, Marco's waiting for the wind to pick up so he can go kite surfing and me, well I think I'll just go and dip some fingers in some paint.
Here's a fun exercise you might like to try!

Find an image from a mag or an online royalty free site...grid it up!

On a clean piece of paper place the dots as if you're going to duplicate the grid but then warp the lines as you connect the dots.....

Sketch what you see in each box from the original photo but follow the warp of the lines....WONKY WARP # 1! this one with felt marker :)

Follow the instructions again for extra warpiness!

For this one I used ink.
I feel a bit like this today :~'


Johoanna Robson said…
What a great exercise! Love how your drawings turned out. Sending you love and hugs on this cold and wet day. <3
Tracy Verdugo said…
Thanks Jo..needing that hug x
Oh I love the wonky sketches. You are so talented and prolific Tracy, and so full of positive energy. Of course it makes sense that you have doubtful days but in some ways it surprises me because you always seem so upbeat and positive. As much as I've got to know you I'm sure it will pass quickly and time spent with paint on your hands will surely make you feel better.

Thanks for joining in with Blogtoberfest. I hope you enjoy it.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are painting while I write. love the wonkiness...that was a good tip! i regret to say i am a wee bit too linear so may be very helpful for me to try. OK Day one...god only knows what i am going to write about for the next 29:) julie
Jo Murray said…
Such Fun! Don't worry about your 'plateau', it usually comes before an inspired leap.
Lea said…
Oh this is so clever and fun. Your artworks are amazing.
I'm visiting from Blogtoberfest:)
Oh this looks like a lot of fun Tracey. I love the two different versions. Gotta love Wonky!