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What matters most?

Concept and Creation 3'x4' by Tracy Verdugo acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Happy weekend beautiful people!

Will keep it short and sweet today as I've yet to get out to my studio and I really want to even if its just for a little tidy up!
On Friday night I had my exhibition launch at the oh so delish Cupitts Winery....wonderful friends and family joined me as well as locals wanting to sneak a peek at my works and it truly was a gorgeous evening.

....just one thing missing.....

not a sale

To be honest I woke up on Saturday feeling a wee bit know its so much more fun when the red dots start appearing everywhere and usually that is what happens.....

I waited till now to blog cos' I really had to digest how I was feeling..
equating my self worth or validity with the sale of a painting?
How dumb is that??

So I did some rethinking...

Art is about growing, evolving, becoming...

My work is undergoing big changes and sometimes it takes a while for others to catch up...thats ok...

art by Tracy Verdugo

I've sold enough paintings to know that each painting is just patiently waiting for its true owner.
Obviously they couldn't make it on Friday but they'll come...eventually.

In the meantime here is what is important ♥

mi amor♥

mi familia♥

good friends♥

good wine and more friends who are also musos who like wine! :)

laughter :)

and love ♥

savouring beauty♥

and knowing when its time to stop doing....

and just relax awhile :)

much love and wishes for a wonderful week.....
Tracy xo
ps if you're still thinking about joining me for a fantastic year of creative growth
be sure to click through and tempt yourself some more!


Liza Zeni said…
Hi Tracy, I saw your beautiful photos from your winery exhibition and loved your work. It would have been great to see them in the flesh and I bet they just glow. Your words are very true, don't lose sight of the essence within your creative heart, your new paintings will find their loving owners when you least expect it, and when you're heart is singing, open and free. Gorgeous family photos. Enjoy your studio time tonight, Liza xxx
Your art is moving from folk art to abstract art, it may take a while for your new lovers of abstract to find you! Keep positive!
Larissa said…
Wow - the paintings are amazing! love the colours. your time will come, you're making the world a more beautiful place :) and I loved the post too, very honest and beautifully written.
Anonymous said…
I love your art
Lea said…
beautiful post. spoton. every.single.word.
Nic Hohn said…
Big heart hugs to you dear Tracy...the creative path is not always an easy one. Good for you for seeing the bigger picture.xoxo
rachel awes said…
tracy, i'm loving your art!
gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
and your relaxation and connection to others is also shining.
big big love to you across the ocean. XOX
A wonderful post Tracy...awesome you can see the bigger picture :) I think that is one of the huge challenges as an Artist to value and stay true to your own vision & to not be disheartened by unexpected circumstances etc. One of the things I really LOVED about The Fred Williams exhibition recently:Infinite horizons was to see his artwork go through so many changes and evolve into these brilliant, genius masterpieces. It must have taken him a lot of courage at times I think. I love your new work :) Thanks for sharing!!
kathy nesi said…
your art is doing exactly what you said. it is evolving all the time and that is what it should do! hang in there, your future art owners will find you. in the meantime...keep evolving, moving, growing!!!
<3 xoxo
This Moment said…
Such beautiful artwork as I've said before, but I love your "what matters" photos even better--so meaningful and loving.

Tracy Verdugo said…
thanks so much for your support everyone...your pearls of wisdom and encouragement mean so much to me....I LOVE my online arty family and am so glad we're on this journey together and Jill I totally agree with you! ♥
Jane said…
Wonderful colors and creativity!
Strange how an artist craves the sale....but then still has all that courage again and again to jump into a completely new painting every time....just be you, paint what you feel, as you said, the painting will find the right owners one day ♥ I love your work !
Anita Van Hal said…
Hey Tracy! Hang in there! You said it's great to have validation (and sales with it) but still you're doing what you love and as you know, the creative life isn't always easy...but a showing at a beautiful winery? OMG...I'll trade places with you...your new art is beautiful...wish I could have been there to see it in person...hugs!!!
Susan Burgess said…
I love how your art is evolving i LOVE that it is evolving! Remember a lot fo great artists and great designers, inventors and futuristics struggled through ups and down financially and in their carears. I think you are amazing, brave and important in the plan! You have influenced me for certain. Art is way more then a sale or one painting or even 20, it's also about your effect on the world around you. Does yuour art leave an impression ... yes. Does it cause others to grow... ABSOLUTELY! Hugs, Sanna
Selah Gay said…
How fortunate all those folks were to have been so close to not only your originals...but to your very real and beautiful heart! <3

Universal timing is not to be understood but lived...Universal Love makes it worth the living! ~sg~

Much Love... and soooo many (((HUGS))) for you m'dear friend!
Selah <3
Sarah Anderson said…
I LoVe these paintings and would certainly have been buying one at your exhibition! I love the vibrant colours, and the circles, and the way the background peeps out of various places. STuNNiNG! I've not visited your blog before, came via Kristen Powers' I think :)
Tracy Verdugo said…
How gorgeous you all are to prop me up and send me such love and encouragement..thank you, thank, thank you from my ♥ to yours xoxox
Your art is invigorating! I'm sure you've sold some of them by now! Sometimes we don't sell anything and then a wonderful surprise buyer comes along who loves your work! Your work is very special! And how wonderful you are that you shared about this! makes you more real! Patsy from