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What is possible?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately.

What is possible?

Is EVERYTHING within the realms of possibility?

I watched this beautiful video with Marco and the girls last night. Marco's new passion is kite surfing and he LOVES feeling at one with the wind! These guys take it to a whole new level and just left us all speechless....I feel like they are truly dancing on the edge of possibility but also in some way opening the boundaries just that little bit wider for all of us......

I'm really interested to hear back from you all because I know that for me I have spent a lifetime

taking things in

and feeling a certain shift inside me when something that I thought was out of my reach suddenly comes into my vision of what is possible .......
simply because I have seen it done by someone else or felt the feeling for a brief moment of what it would be like to be doing whatever it was that I didn't previously think was possible.

I believe that we have these pivotal moments...little the night 25 years ago when Marco and I went on our first romantic holiday to San Jose del Cabo and bought our very first artwork together, a beautiful woodblock print titled "Exprisionera" that hangs in our kitchen today, a symbol of breaking free, going beyond the boundaries, a sign of things to come?

like the day I bought a fabulous book by Dory Kanter called Art Escapes in 2008, opened it up and discovered that it was possible to not only be an artist but to travel around the world to exotic locations teaching others!

I remember saying to Marco, "I'm going to do that one day"

Like the time I created my vision board around my dream of travelling and teaching, including a picture of the oh so talented Flora Bowley teaching and then within a year Flora was here,

in my home,
sharing dinner and wine
and her stories,
teaching a workshop which I organised,

opening my vision of what is possible even FURTHER.....

Fast forward to this moment and I find myself planning an unbelievable adventure in which I am the artist travelling to amazing locations to share the things I have learnt along my painting journey and to help someone else believe in new possibilities!

This time next year I'll be flying around the beautiful U.S meeting many of you that have become my friends here. I am so grateful for everyone that has offered to help and for all of the love and inspiration ♥♥

Keep believing in possibilities
love Tracy xox

This is my itinerary so far...can you believe it!

Sept 19-24 2012 Petaluma California Art Is retreat

Sept 30-31st 2012 Orange County, California Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted workshop . For more info contact the wonderful Christy Nimeh through my Magically Mixed Art Community on FB.

Oct 3-9 2012 Danbury Connecticut Art Is Retreat

Oct 12-16 (TBC) Excelsior Springs, Missouri Sweet Freedom Retreat!

Oct 19-21 (TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Texas.

Contact Selah Gay

Oct 26-29 (TBC) Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop Florida
possibly with E'Layne Koenisberg

November possible workshops in Claremont Botanic Gardens LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, BC, Canada....still working out the details on these.

Dec will be in California for Christmas with family

January Todos Santos, Baja California...anyone want to fly down and paint with me in this beautiful village?

Late Jan (TBC)Honolulu Hawaii Tracy Verdugo Wholehearted Workshop at the beautiful studio of Susan Conrad Risse

Feb ( home to Australia...that is unless we decide to stay longer ;p)

There is the possibility of adding other week day workshops amongst these so let me know if you would like me to try to visit your area. Its going to be amazing to connect with you all!! ♥

ps dont forget to read the post before this might be the lucky winner of a free spot in the upcoming Life Book workshop....

Click here to view more details


Dana Barbieri said…
What a nice post Tracy. You have reached for and grabbed your dreams. You believed that it was possible. Very exciting stuff. And Danbury CT isn't too far from me...
Selah Gay said…
“The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities.” Sydney Smith sure to share this with Marco!!!

Love you Girl!!! <3
ZenDotStudio said…
I love your banner where I can see you with your art! Both vivacious!

Lovely inspiring, encouraging post. I am so impressed how you made it all happen!
Katie said…
A lovely post...I believe it is all possible! I actually just posted about wanting a new challenge and to push myself. What's the next journey? Sounds like you are having a wonderful one! Oooh, wish you were at a retreat in the Pacific NW! take care.
Kristin said…
Im a procrastinator...dont want to be... I want to dare to dream!I want to grow,to bloom,to fly... to soar... So wonderful seeing you do all of these things and for sharing the 'Possibility' with us.It gives me encouragement...makes me think of the saying 'Dare to Be'... :-)
I LOVE your work(colour makes me happy) and one day Im going to take a class of yours!
kristen said…
You continue to inspire me with all that you are. You help me to know it is all possible and I thank you for shining your light so brightly!
What an inspiring post, thank you so much!

The times in my life when I haven't taken risks come from fear - the fear that I won't get it right, that I'll fail.

But when I let go of fear, and believe that however it will work out is just perfect, I can take the risk.

Which is lovely to say, but really, I've forgotten that fact. Until now. Thank you for reminding me of what is possible!
Tracy - your post about what is possible resonates so much with an fellow artist, teacher, traveler and lover of adventure!

I've been updating my personal website to share more of all of the above, and when I posted a photo of me teaching Creative Entrepreneur workshops in Uganda on my "work" page, it showed me how whatever we dream of doing IS POSSIBLE - that is what I love to show women who travel and study with me. If I could put the photo here I would, but I think I can put a link - and will share it on FB too.

from the heart,
Michele said…
This is so crazy. I keep thinking of asking you the same thing. I see you are a believer in LOA then? Do *you* really think that anything is possible???
mbrshort40 said…
Oh I am ready to win "LifeBook" I am going to keep trying!!!
Wow!!! So inspirational:) Love the idea of your vision board. i need to create one of those! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could go to the USA but instead will see you in Sydney :)
McMGrad89 said…
Now I need to make a vision board. I must!

Paths crossing, interesting that you were just here in MO and then went to TX which is where I just came from. Now I really do think our paths will cross when I go to Sydney! Enjoy the rest of your tour.

Annemarie V
artymess said…
you are so right ....we are our own worst enemies when we restrict ourselves .....aim for the stars ....i am just starting to believe this myself ...its taken so long though ...x
NatashaMay said…
I know that feeling! And I'm so happy for you that all these dreams came true for you. :)