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Sorry to leave you hanging but spontaneous is just more my style!

 Tracy Verdugo. 2014 Dancing on the Edge of Sublime. Acrylic on canvas. 30x30". $1750.

Well Helloooooooooo!!!

So sorry to leave you hanging! 

It seems short and sweet just isn't my style so lets get back to posts that are intermittent, sporadic, inconsistent,spontaneous, wordy, sparse, elaborate or just generally wherever the mood takes me!
Now that sounds more like me! :)
 Tracy Verdugo. 2014. Kitty in the house. acrylic/mixed media on ply. 30x30" $325.

Less time on the computer has meant more time in my studio and for that I am truly grateful!!

 Tracy Verdugo. 2014, Where the Current Takes me. acrylic/mixed media on canvas. 30x40" $2200

Tracy Verdugo. 2014. Going with the Flow. acrylic/mixed media on canvas. 30x30". Sold.

 I even finally started work on a very LARGE commission for my sweet Aunt Robbie in Florida! It was so daunting to begin but I am loving working on it now that I have started!

 The main reason I have been able to spend so much more time in my studio is this beautiful girl!!
If you haven't virtually met Kyla yet she is the lifesaver who has taken over most of my emails, registrations and general office shenanigans allowing me more time to PAINT, PAINT, PAINT!!

This is us at Kyla's beautiful Great Gatsby style wedding last month to her handsome guy Adam!

The wedding was amazing!
A totally dreamy day ♥

In other momentous news this cheeky little munchkin turned 17!!
Happy birthday Sienna!! ♥

and this gorgeous girl took off with her handsome (and super sweet) guy for two months of adventures in California, New York, Miami and Mexico!

We miss you already Santana and Jacob but Viber makes you seem not so far away and I'm going to love keeping up to date on your blog

While she is travelling Santana will be working on a very cool collaboration with Oh Deer Boutique. They have the best vintage clothes and have given her several of the cutest dresses to take with her for a travelling self portrait photo shoot. Cannot wait to see what comes! Feel free to follow her adventures!

 I may have already mentioned but I was over the moon thrilled to be featured in this step by step tutorial in the current Spring Edition of Somerset Apprentice AND will also be featured in an 8-10 page spread in Somerset Studio in July right before my book comes out!! 

How amazingly cool is that!!!!

and...last but not least......drum roll please!

I have started work on my very first E Course!!

Kyla and I have started shooting video and the ideas are flowing big time. ......jumping in at the deep end again but that's how I roll! 
I'm so excited about this as I truly feel that there is a creative revolution happening, that the more people on the planet who find their creative mojo, the more we will be moving, as a whole, in the direction of love, flow and positive harmony. 
That I get to have even the tiniest part in this kind of change makes my heart sing! ♥

We're giving ourselves a six month lead in because I want it to be amazing AND we have quite a learning curve to navigate (thank you Megan Auman for your fab course Do-teach)! 

Please sign up here for all the details as they come into being ♥

May you scatter rainbows and love everywhere you go today ♥
(feel free to print her out and hang her on your wall as a reminder)

lots of love Tracy xoxox


Shells said…
Totally awesome, so very happy for you!
Dia said…
spontaneous, intermittent, etc is my style as well!
Love what you've been up to, and Kyla's wedding looks fabulous! All they needed wad a harp ;)
Wonderful! So much to celebrate!! C xx
Debra Dickson said…
What a lovely, vibrant, energetic blog! I have added you to my reader so I can see more of it! :-)
Jo Murray said…
You are definitely scattering rainbows Tracy. Your girls are gorgeous.
Jess said…
Beautiful work Tracy, I love how there are so many shapes and colours in your paintings. The cat is great!
Jess xx
Rosie Grey said…
How wonderful, Tracey - such a gorgeous post filled with goodness! :-)
Thanks Tracy..your girl is awesome..fills me with emotion on my birthday today! She is significant because she is a confirmation that I'm moving in the right direction in my life. :)) Thank you so much XXXxxxxxxxXXXxxxx
Paper rainbow said…
I adore your work, the colours and free forms are beautiful, your kitty looks very marc chagall inspired, and as I love chagall that is a very good thing!!!!
rainbow heART said…
rainbow love xoxox