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Well this is very cool!! ♥

Art Prints

Just spent the morning creating an Instaprint gallery so that you guys can now order selected prints on canvas, cards, phone covers or as framed works. All delivered directly to you! How cool is that! ♥

Will add more images through the week and if you have any favourites that you want me to add let me know!

off to the studio now for some more of this

 a little bit of this...

 and a smidgen of this!

Love to all! May you find time this weekend to frolic in a meadow, wear flowers in your hair and munch a little (or a lot of) chocolate ♥
Tracy xoxo


sandi said…
You are such a child of the universe!
Diva Kreszl said…
How wonderful!!! Congratulations on adding a new wAy to share your maxing artwork!
Patsy Paterno said…
Visited your shop on Instaprint. I agree! Very cool!!! Patsy from
Diva Kreszl said…
Oops! Auto spell check keeps rewriting my posts...amazing art work!