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Reflections from the road- day one

On Feb 23rd this year, we left our home and family in Australia to embark on a journey of more than 35,000 miles, over nine months, across States, countries and continents. Along the way I had the privilege of teaching, connecting and creating with around 1500 beautiful students both in person and in my online courses.


To say we had no expectations, no idea of the immensity of this trip is an understatement. 


Just mi amor and I, planning the whole thing, flying by the seat of our pants,

 open and eager, as always, for the unexpected. 

Blogging about the trip took a backseat to actually experiencing the trip and so I find myself now in a paradaisical location, in a remote Mexican village by the sea, surrounded by desert landscape, with time to reflect and rejuvenate, before heading home next month. 

Originally I thought to to share a picture with you each day from somewhere along the road with a short description of where we were and what was going on at the time, but you see, I'm not very good at limitations and I'm definitely not very good at rules, even or especially, self imposed ones, so I'm just going to share a little over the next few weeks, maybe chronologically, maybe not, maybe one pic, maybe several. 

Mostly I want to give you a glimpse into the unfolding of a dream, in all of its beauty and sometimes brokenness...there were times along the way where I just had to stop and breathe in the massive, amazing grace of our situation and other times where mi amor and I were ready to jump on the nearest flight home, and not always together! 

Life is a beautiful and messy tapestry, continuously in the process of creation, and we are all integral threads in that creation. 
Enjoy my friends, as I reflect a little on an incredible nine months ❤️

Feb 28th-March 5th 2015

My first port of call, a solo trip to a landscape that took my breath away, Palm Desert, California.
Mi amor and Sienna, joining us for a part of her own gap year travels, headed off to Mammoth Mountain for a thirty year reunion with dear friends there while i drove solo to the desert for my first ever five day Paint Mojo workshop. The view from my hotel window changed a million times a day......

The space at Venus Studios was amazing!! Just perfect for our group of twenty working on multiple large canvases and my host and friend Debra Mumm, was the best! If you ever get a chance to take a class there I highly recommend it and Deb has an amazing array of teachers each year! Check out the 2016 line up here! I'll be back in 2017 :))

and the students...beautiful, wonderful, amazing women. 
So blessed to do this work and meet so many amazing creative souls.

To come together in community for five whole days with permission to create and play and explore new creative territory is truly priceless. 
Thank you my sweet Palm Desert tribe for making the beginning of this teaching odyssey just perfect!

So proud and honored to be a small part of your creative journey!
You are all awesome!


AWESOME post! LOOKS so FUN!!!!
Jackie PN said…
I loved following your posts and photos- such a wonderful adventure for the two of you! I think my favorite part was when the bull was coming for you and your amor saved you! A romantic love story! ")
thanks for sharing Tracy!
love & hugs,
Jackie xx