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Reflections from the road~snippet two

On Feb 23rd this year, we left our home and family in Australia to embark on a journey of more than 35,000 miles, over nine months, across States, countries and continents. Along the way I had the privilege of teaching, connecting and creating with around 1500 beautiful students both in person and in my online courses.


To say we had no expectations, no idea of the immensity of this trip is an understatement. 


Just mi amor and I, planning the whole thing, flying by the seat of our pants,

 open and eager, as always, for the unexpected. 

Blogging about the trip took a backseat to actually experiencing the trip and so I find myself now in a paradaisical location, in a remote Mexican village by the sea, surrounded by desert landscape, with time to reflect and rejuvenate, before heading home next month. 

Originally I thought to to share a picture with you each day from somewhere along the road with a short description of where we were and what was going on at the time, but you see, I'm not very good at limitations and I'm definitely not very good at rules, even or especially, self imposed ones, so I'm just going to share a little over the next few weeks, maybe chronologically, maybe not, maybe one pic, maybe several. 

Mostly I want to give you a glimpse into the unfolding of a dream, in all of its beauty and sometimes brokenness...there were times along the way where I just had to stop and breathe in the massive, amazing grace of our situation and other times where mi amor and I were ready to jump on the nearest flight home, and not always together! 

Life is a beautiful and messy tapestry, continuously in the process of creation, and we are all integral threads in that creation. 
Enjoy my friends, as I reflect a little on an incredible nine months ❤️

Feb 24th, 2015
Well I told you all I might jump around a wee bit with these reflections so today's post is short and sweet 

mi amor and I fresh of the plane at the beginning of the trip, still jet lagged but heading directly for the nearest awesome Mexican restaurant, Juanitas in Encinitas!
Australia is a little challenged when it comes to good Mexican food and although I cook it all the time there's nothing like the real deal...chile rellenos for me and fish tacos for mi amor

lots of love Tracy xo

ps prayers going out for all of those affected in Mexico by Hurricane Patricia. Boca de Pascuales, a small village in Colima, very close to our heart was in the direct line.



2015 has been quite a year for me- a rare brain condition required brain surgery and in my long recovery time (still recovering) I painted to sooth my battered brain and lift my spirits. I also made a book of paintings to sell as a fund raise for the hospital.
I'm doing the pattern colour texture course but would love the animalitos- or indeed anything
Much love
Joan H. said…
Amazing, free, heart tug, energy, play, connected, calm, heart open, joy - some of the things your art makes me feel.