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Thirty Day Gratitude Check in-Day 2

Good morning sunshines!!!
I hope your world is looking shiny today and if it's not I hope this short post might help to shift your perspective just a little....
(or a lot!)

You see I've been feeling a little flat lately, not depressed but definitely flat. 
 It kind of feels like I spent a lot of last year on auto pilot. 

The initial diagnosis while on my U.S tour, the stress of finishing my workshops with uncertainty about what I was facing, the return home and subsequent round of appointments, tests, treatment. 
Getting through what I needed to do to get well, giving myself time to pause, rest and reflect. 

But somewhere in there I started to feel unhappy and anxious about losing the momentum I had worked so hard to build up over the past 5 years. 

I began to doubt myself, to dwell on thoughts that didn't serve me, staying up later than I should, spending more time on social media than I needed to, drinking the extra glass of wine more often than I should, reflecting on the sad aspects of our empty nest instead of the joy of knowing our girls are out in the world doing amazing things. 
Losing my way a little.

It's a slippery path right?

and it's so easy to keep sliding on down once you've begun.

and so, this challenge is for all of us who know what it's like to slip away from joy for a while.

I know with absolute certainty that when you focus on the things that bring you joy, your joy will increase. 
The increments might be small but it WILL happen. 

Being with the new day as it begins is one thing that brings me a lot of joy and a great sense of peace, so this morning, for the second day in a row, I woke before the sunrise and meditated for just a few moments, distracted by the gorgeous colors in the sky outside.

Throwing on some clothes I walked the block to the beach and who should be sitting on the fence of the nearby caravan park but my kookaburra friend with another reminder to look for the joy!

At the top of the stairs down to the sand I took a deep breath

Took in the miracle, the wonder and the certainty of another new day

With just a passing flock of pelicans and a lone nearby seagull for company

I decided to stay in a state of awe and wonder for as long as I could this day

 Wishing you all a beautiful day! 
I'd love to know what brings you joy in the comments below 

Lots of love Tracy

ps I just came across this old pic of Mimi when she was a kitten and I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to make up some wise anecdote to go with it but you know what? 

I think it's enough for us all to just soak up her cuteness and smile.That is all :)


Kim Mailhot said…
I can so understand why you would feel flat, dear heart. You had to expend so much energy going through the challenges of the last year. Brava to you for realizing this flatness and firvturning now to the tools that will rebuild your beautiful life force and creative spirit! Gratitude is definitely one great tool. I am using gratitude and creativity to work in moving from fear based decision making and living to loving, open heart and open minded living. Lots of work to stay focused, especially when the world is so full of things to worry about if you choose to go that route! But in the moment, it is an easy shift. I am so grateful for all of the amazing teachers and fellow love warriors on the path with me. And I count you among the ones dearest to my heart.
Be well in that shining light, my friend! 🙏❤🌞
Pilgrim said…
I am so glad to read your testimony today. I am going through some serious financial challenges right now; but I still see goodness and happiness all around me and that brings me joy. I am starting to create everyday and it brings me peace. I do a morning devotional and it opens my heart and spirit to love. I love what Kim said above, moving from fear based decision making and living to love. I and going to try that also. Love to you my dear friend.
Unknown said…
We are fostering a stray and her 2 puppies, now 5 weeks old. There is nothing more joyful than hanging out with puppies. Daily changes, so much love, curiosity and enthusiasm. It is the best part of my day, playing, cuddling, loving on puppies and their wonderful mama. Most of the rest of my life is super stressful but I just shed the negative when I'm with those amazing puppies!
Love reading these and I'm sending light your way!! Xoxox you will not lose momentum because the tide will keep
Pushing you along!! Happiness is tied to gratitude ... I truly believe this also!! Xoxoxo love you and YOUR smile!! Xoxox