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Friday, December 30, 2011

Countdown to a brand new year!

Big message from the Universe to me at the end of this amazing year....


Have been flat out on my back or on my side dealing with lower back spasms which my chiro says are a result of a twisted sacrum...

ok, ok I get the I've been a little bit (understatement!) in overdrive, so I've been playing the role of Superwoman all year,
trying to be the best mum, wife, artist, teacher I can be,
studying full time and setting a standard of Distinction or High Distinction for my results,
setting the wheels in motion for an EXTRAORDINARY 2012!!

So for now I'm getting the message, chilling out,
actually watched a whole movie in bed today and
bawled my eyes out for the whole second half..
if you havent seen The Notebook you should so watch it...
absolutely beautiful and just the right thing for me to see today and to contemplate the biggest most real,truly important thing in life...LOVE ♥♥♥

I'm also counting down the last 20 hours till the incredible LifeBook course fun that I get to not only participate but teach in such an awesome still have time to join in the fun if you've been sitting on the sidelines!
Come on! You know you want to :)

my wishes for you in 2012
may you shine your brightest light and inspire everyone around you!

may you bloom your most beautiful blooms but also honour your spiky, prickly bits...we all have them :)

may you learn to see the perfection in everything

and may you take the time for self care, make like Gingy the cat and chill out regularly!

Happy New Year...and BIG LOVE to you all!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

out with the old in with the new ♥

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."
~Lao Tzu~

Hello beautiful friends...i hope you've all had the loveliest time over the past week of holiday festivities..I've been busy, busy, busy painting happily away, indulging in delish food and yummy wine, hanging out with Marco and the girls and getting in a little beach time.

today I felt moved to share a process with you which is especially relevant at this time of the year....

in honour of letting go of those things which no longer speak to us
or even about us and allowing ourselves
to move forward into our most amazing
ever blossoming newest and shiniest selves..

this painting is the last large one left of a series I painted in 2008 inspired by our family's 7 month creative sabbatical which took us from Australia to the U.S , Canada and Mexico...(you can read more about our adventures here)

all of the rest have found their new homes and gone to live with lovely new families....but this one has been sitting lonely on my sunroom wall, beckoning me to notice it and show it some love....
and so I did :)

this past year my work has become more fluid,
less defined and structured
more intuitive and filled
with layers and meaning
which sometimes I need to take a while to find

I feel like I'm doing less painting and more allowing
less deliberating and more surrendering
and I ♥ this feeling

This work no longer spoke to me in the way it once did and so I changed it
simple as that
new beginnings
new marks
over old
honouring the journey
but allowing
something fresh
to be born

maybe now its ready to find its place in the world ♥

"i walk in dreams through this wide world" Tracy Verdugo.2011. acrylic, ink and pencil on canvas. 76 x76cm. SOLD

ps if you haven't seen this amazing talk on creativity by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert it is well worth watching :)

"To change skins, evolve into new cycles, I feel one has to learn to discard. If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects. They reflect one's mind and the psyche of yesterday. I throw away what has no dynamic, living use."
~Anaïs Nin~

Monday, December 26, 2011

everything changes...

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven~ Ecclesiastes 3

another Christmas come and gone.......
we celebrated on Christmas Eve with family and friends,
a long, languorous meal that stretched over 7 hours
as the hot afternoon sun gave way to a balmy evening breeze,
we feasted on turkey and sweet potatoes,
strawberries marinated in balsamic,
creamy potato bake ( always the favourite of the girls),
honeyed carrots, salads and home made cherry pie,
drank lots of wine
and indulged my dads passion
for making sweet banana cocktails
by drinking a bottle of the stuff between two...
my sweet friend Elhi and I drank the lot
while others politely declined!

As the afternoon light changed our two beautiful girls, no longer children but on the cusp of womanhood, chilled out together on the trampoline, giggling and sharing...oh how I LOVE to see them growing up and valuing and loving each other

In the morning light
Christmas day
they opened their presents
most of them they knew
and had selected online
things I knew they really wanted
it felt a little subdued
and i could feel the passing of time
and the loss of sweet childhood excitement
we even forgot to put the cookies and milk out
for Santa..that made me a little sad...

but this is not a sad post
just a recounting
of a small bittersweet moment
on a mostly happy day

later we played and swam and giggled
and ran along the beach trying to hold onto
a giant yellow, polkadot
inflatable dinosaur
all of us were children then ♥

later on Christmas Day
while Marco rode the waves and the wind
and the girls watched Harry Potter for the millionth time
I escaped to my studio
thinking about change
some small abstracts
had been sitting on the counter
for months...
an exercise for my studies
waiting for inspiration
then it came...
thought you might like to see
what turned into what

change can be a very good thing♥

from this

to this "a lttle birdy told me" Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

from this

to this "wish". Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

for some reason I cant find a pic of the before for this one but its beginnings were similar to the defines my desire to say a HUGE YES to all of the wonderfulness the Universe offers in 2012!

"The answer is yes". Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

sometimes you just have to roll with the changes
wishing you all many beautiful, meaningful transformations in 2012
i am grateful for each and every one of you
and words cannot describe the joy I feel
in having found my tribe here ♥
love Tracy

Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Book...give yourself a Christmas present that will last all year!

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"There's something in everybody that longs for that awakening to be more true to yourself."—Eckhart Tolle

Its not too late to join me and 14 other incredible artists on a year long journey of creative self discovery....

to celebrate Christmas and what promises to be an amazing year I will be holding a giveaway of these three signed be drawn Jan 1st!!

To be in the draw just leave a comment telling me one of your dreams for 2012. If you sign up for Life Book by clicking through from my blog just let me know and you'll receive 5 bonus chances in the draw

lotsa love
Tracy ♥

"Awakening the Muse" by Tracy Verdugo

"Love Lives Here" by Tracy Verdugo

"The Sun Laughs in Flowers" by Tracy Verdugo

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stop in the name of love!

Oh Geez...I was just about to have a rant about how much I have on my plate and how my blog site is beginning to resemble my studio with 6 unfinished posts(canvases) awaiting the magical touch before publishing(showing) but not enough time to do it blah, blah, blah and then I checked my email and here was this lovely message from my friend Toni.......

last month or maybe the month before (time moves soooo quickly) Marco and I performed at our friend Jo's fundraiser for Trek for Timor and Jo's gorgeous daughter Rose broke out her cello ( well actually we practiced for weeks before!) and played with us..Jo and her friends were raising money to put solar power in villages in East Timor so we based our set around "Sun" songs..."Here Comes the Sun", "Dont Let the Sun Catch you Crying" and "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain has Gone"...

what a beautiful the moment, playing music, making a difference...thanks for the sweet pics Toni!

I'll think about the overwhelm tomorrow!

my honey la la la!

our gorgeous girl Santana, the lovely Rose and beautiful friend Sophie

what are we doing??

family pic after the performance..Santana, Sienna, Marco and I ♥
Good night everyone...I promise i'll finish those other 6 amazing posts this week..or.....SOONISH!!! much love and infinite creative vibes out to you all ♥

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to make a vision board♥

our first family vision board from around 2006.

Our family created our first vision boards about 6 years ago. At the time we were trying to find a way to fulfill our dream of taking an extended creative sabbatical which would mean taking the girls out of school and traveling for several months whilst still being able to somehow make an income, continue to pay our mortgage, maintain our home while we were away and take care of our three cats!
It worked!! We ended up traveling for 7 months, the mortgage was paid every month, the cats were fed and I have been a firm believer in the power of clarifying your intentions and dreams in this way ever since.
cropped image of the larger board

What you'll need
a large canvas or poster board or cardboard
lots of different magazines- travel, health, lifestyle, financial, special interest, PVA glue, paints or pastels(optional)

Step 1- take a moment to think about the kinds of things you would like to have in your life; health, balance, love, happiness, security are pretty universal human desires but there maybe be specifics that you would also like, for us it was to travel together and share that experience as a family.

Step 2 Look through the magazines in a fairly detached way. Marco and I opened a bottle of wine, put on some music and made it a fun task. The girls chipped in and added things they liked and then decided to create their own as well! Tear out images and words that stand out to you. Try not to analyze or think too much about what they might mean or why you have chosen them.

Step 3 Go through the images and start to lay them on your board. Listen to your heart. Toss out any that don't really speak to you and see if there are any themes showing up. We ended up putting spirituality at the top of ours and had separate but overlapping sections for health, home, travel, music and art. There is no right or wrong here. Just go with your gut :)

Step 4...Glue down your words and images and add any other embellishments that you would like. Include an image of yourself somewhere on your board looking happy and fulfilled. A part of our dream was to be on our trip celebrating Sienna's 11th birthday in Disneyland. We went so far as to find a picture of the Looney tunes area of Disneyland, re-sized a pic of Sienna holding a birthday cake and glued the pic onto the background and then onto our vision board. After we finished gluing I added the words " This or something greater now manifests for us in divine appropriate timing"

Step 5 Hang your vision board where you will see it often . This first one is in our meditation aware of your thoughts when you look at it...try to be in a place of gratitude for all of those wonderful things that are on their way. If there is something that causes a negative reaction take it off. Initially we had a personal cheque on there for one million dollars. Every time I looked at it all I could think off was the impossibility of me ever writing a cheque out for one million dollars...this made it hard for me to look at anything else so off it came!

You may also want to create a vision board for a more specific desire or intention. When it became crystal clear to me several years ago that I wanted to combine my love of travel, teaching and art I began to research others that were living the kind of life that I aspired to. This vision board was created around that intention and included people like Flora Bowley and Dory Kanter who have been two of my biggest inspirations. The day came in April this year when Flora was actually in my studio, in the flesh, standing in front of the picture of herself on my board!! This was the day when I realized that we truly can manifest anything we want into our lives.

There is Flora painting away as well as a pic above of Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta where I have been invited to teach in 2012!
Happy manifesting everyone!! Would love to see your vision boards and your stories!
love Tracy ♥xo
ps BIG LOVE to the very inspiring Jeniffer Hutchins for providing the prompt for this post over here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Katie’s magical holiday blog hop

Everything is Connected by Tracy Verdugo...leave a comment anywhere on my blog this week and you'll have a chance to win ♥

my gorgeous Magically Mixed Art Group friend Katie has invited me to participate in a magical holiday blog hop with a small group of other artists from our wonderful group.
It's a fun blog event to help get a little holiday buzz going for each other. This is such a diverse bunch of creative peeps and I have had a lot of fun picking my favourite items from everyone's Etsy stores. In celebration of our collaboration I'd like to give away another of my little original inky paintings. All you have to do is leave a comment anywhere on my blog to be in the draw anytime between now and Friday 9th when I will draw the winner at 4pm Sydney, Australia time.

If you have a peek at each participants blog you'll see the artists featured during the blog hop.

Today I get to feature Canadian dollmaker extraordinaire Nancy Perennec who works in clay, paperclay, paper mache, cloth, and apoxie to create one of a kind art dolls with unique and mysterious personalities. She is versatile and super talented and loves fantasy! Her dolls have become part of collections world-wide and are available for sale on Etsy. Nancy also posts works in progress and some pretty cool tutorials.

Here are the other artists participating. Happy Bloghopping!
November 25th – Katie Cahill

November 26th – Wini Dougal

November 27th – Nolween Petibois

November 28th – Kristi Parker VanDoren

November 29th – Emily Cline

November 30th – Jennifer McGee Urbanek

December 1st – Alicia Caudle

December 2nd – Tracy Verdugo
December 3rd – Nancy Perennec
December 4th – Sun B Lewis
December 5th – Angela DiGiovanni Kemp
December 6th – Sharon Rowland
December 7th – El Tsamp