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Stop in the name of love!

Oh Geez...I was just about to have a rant about how much I have on my plate and how my blog site is beginning to resemble my studio with 6 unfinished posts(canvases) awaiting the magical touch before publishing(showing) but not enough time to do it blah, blah, blah and then I checked my email and here was this lovely message from my friend Toni.......

last month or maybe the month before (time moves soooo quickly) Marco and I performed at our friend Jo's fundraiser for Trek for Timor and Jo's gorgeous daughter Rose broke out her cello ( well actually we practiced for weeks before!) and played with us..Jo and her friends were raising money to put solar power in villages in East Timor so we based our set around "Sun" songs..."Here Comes the Sun", "Dont Let the Sun Catch you Crying" and "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain has Gone"...

what a beautiful the moment, playing music, making a difference...thanks for the sweet pics Toni!

I'll think about the overwhelm tomorrow!

my honey la la la!

our gorgeous girl Santana, the lovely Rose and beautiful friend Sophie

what are we doing??

family pic after the performance..Santana, Sienna, Marco and I ♥
Good night everyone...I promise i'll finish those other 6 amazing posts this week..or.....SOONISH!!! much love and infinite creative vibes out to you all ♥


Sheri Ann Ponzi said…
What a beautiful reminder to remember the beauty. You are all gorgeous and radiant. Thanks for sharing :)
Jo Murray said…
Agreat effort for a good cause... and what fun you had. You are a gorgeous group.
Selah Gay said…
Peace is always just one Song away... and Song is only one breath away... Glad you took time to breathe, reflect and find joy in your day! <3
I am in that state of overwhelm at the moment Tracey. thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses.
Great photos, it looks like you are having a ball.
shopgirl said…
Adore all Einstein's quotes and this is definitely a keeper! You have an amazing family Tracy.

Your newest follower!

verdigrisrose said…
Congrats!!!! On your latest recording. Thanks for the invite to appear on video, what a great idea. I know you will get lots of help/replies. I'm not able to be of help right now as too much happening over the next few months. But I know it will look great and will be eagerly awaiting it's release!..
Have a Very Lovely Family Celebration this Julia
Analuka said…
Thank you for the invitation to visit your blog, dear Tracy! Very beautifull, vibrant and sweet your artwork!!! Blue kisses for you.