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everything changes...

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven~ Ecclesiastes 3

another Christmas come and gone.......
we celebrated on Christmas Eve with family and friends,
a long, languorous meal that stretched over 7 hours
as the hot afternoon sun gave way to a balmy evening breeze,
we feasted on turkey and sweet potatoes,
strawberries marinated in balsamic,
creamy potato bake ( always the favourite of the girls),
honeyed carrots, salads and home made cherry pie,
drank lots of wine
and indulged my dads passion
for making sweet banana cocktails
by drinking a bottle of the stuff between two...
my sweet friend Elhi and I drank the lot
while others politely declined!

As the afternoon light changed our two beautiful girls, no longer children but on the cusp of womanhood, chilled out together on the trampoline, giggling and sharing...oh how I LOVE to see them growing up and valuing and loving each other

In the morning light
Christmas day
they opened their presents
most of them they knew
and had selected online
things I knew they really wanted
it felt a little subdued
and i could feel the passing of time
and the loss of sweet childhood excitement
we even forgot to put the cookies and milk out
for Santa..that made me a little sad...

but this is not a sad post
just a recounting
of a small bittersweet moment
on a mostly happy day

later we played and swam and giggled
and ran along the beach trying to hold onto
a giant yellow, polkadot
inflatable dinosaur
all of us were children then ♥

later on Christmas Day
while Marco rode the waves and the wind
and the girls watched Harry Potter for the millionth time
I escaped to my studio
thinking about change
some small abstracts
had been sitting on the counter
for months...
an exercise for my studies
waiting for inspiration
then it came...
thought you might like to see
what turned into what

change can be a very good thing♥

from this

to this "a lttle birdy told me" Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

from this

to this "wish". Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

for some reason I cant find a pic of the before for this one but its beginnings were similar to the defines my desire to say a HUGE YES to all of the wonderfulness the Universe offers in 2012!

"The answer is yes". Tracy Verdugo. acrylic and mixed media on plywood. 30x30cm.

sometimes you just have to roll with the changes
wishing you all many beautiful, meaningful transformations in 2012
i am grateful for each and every one of you
and words cannot describe the joy I feel
in having found my tribe here ♥
love Tracy


MONICA said…
Stopping by to say HELLOOO Beautiful!!!! Happy Happy Holiday' excited for 2012...

Dana Barbieri said…
What a beautiful post Tracy. I felt a bit sad reading about no cookies and milk for Santa... and can imagine how I will feel once my kiddies are that age. Your pieces are very pretty. Very different from where they were. Thanks for sharing the transformations. Wishing you and your family a beautiful, shiny new year. xo
kae pea said…
A very touching post...beautiful and from the heart. I can really relate to what you are feeling <3
Seasons sure do change and we must savor each and every moment. It seems that you are doing just that quite beautifully. Happy Holidays to you and yours Tracy. xokp
Unknown said…
Cheers Tracy!! Looks like you and your family had a perfectly lovely day. And yes, indeed everything does change. Here's to embracing change and making beauty and love from it.
Love xox,
Shells said…
Beautiful post, great pics, cute paintings. Wishing you an awesome 2012. Mxxx
RitaJC said…
Great post! Thank you so much for sharing!
Wishing you and the yours a wonderful year 2012!
Jodi Ohl said…
What lovely memories Tracy I felt as if I was different it is to see how you all celebrate Christmas with the warm weather...swimming and eating outside in the sun, sounds wonderful. We, too, forgot the cookies and milk this year and I was sooo sad about that. I am glad I am in good company, one that is marveled by the growing of our children but bittersweet over the childhood they are leaving behind.

Thanks for sharing you transformation of paintings, simply amazing!! xoxo Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Coleen said…
Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us Tracy. I forget it is summer there. Kind of like Christmas in the sw desert where my dad used to live.
Happy New Year to you and yours,

Coleen in Ukraine
Jo Murray said…
A beautiful post and celebration of family, life, and art. Thanks for allowing me into your family for a moment.
I had the same feeling this Christmas too Tracey, about the cookies and milk. It is the start of a different phase of our lives, I think. My youngest son just got his drivers licence and a new car so now no-one is dependant on me to get around, mmmmm breathe and move through the change :) I feel a real big change is in the air and I am a bit sad but excited about it at the same time
Anonymous said…
You make me smile! I love your heart! I can't tell you how excited I am for you over the next year! You just keep getting better and better!

Stay Beautiful Tracey! You are delightful!

So Many Blessings!

Patty Apple/Lula Pomme
Elhi Green said…
What a beautiful reflection on family, friends, love, celebration, creativity and l i f e. Your work is full of joy and soul Tracy...

Thanks for being such a positive inspiration!!!

May 2012 bring you all the success and happiness you deserve.

XO Mrs Green :-)

P.S I had sore legs from jumping on the trampoline he he
Beautiful words Tracy. These new works are amazing. I'm constantly inspired by what a talented artist you are.

It's been wonderful to connect with you this year. Can't wait to connect more next year.