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Countdown to a brand new year!

Big message from the Universe to me at the end of this amazing year....


Have been flat out on my back or on my side dealing with lower back spasms which my chiro says are a result of a twisted sacrum...

ok, ok I get the I've been a little bit (understatement!) in overdrive, so I've been playing the role of Superwoman all year,
trying to be the best mum, wife, artist, teacher I can be,
studying full time and setting a standard of Distinction or High Distinction for my results,
setting the wheels in motion for an EXTRAORDINARY 2012!!

So for now I'm getting the message, chilling out,
actually watched a whole movie in bed today and
bawled my eyes out for the whole second half..
if you havent seen The Notebook you should so watch it...
absolutely beautiful and just the right thing for me to see today and to contemplate the biggest most real,truly important thing in life...LOVE ♥♥♥

I'm also counting down the last 20 hours till the incredible LifeBook course fun that I get to not only participate but teach in such an awesome still have time to join in the fun if you've been sitting on the sidelines!
Come on! You know you want to :)

my wishes for you in 2012
may you shine your brightest light and inspire everyone around you!

may you bloom your most beautiful blooms but also honour your spiky, prickly bits...we all have them :)

may you learn to see the perfection in everything

and may you take the time for self care, make like Gingy the cat and chill out regularly!

Happy New Year...and BIG LOVE to you all!!!


Shells said…
Dear Tracy, thank you for connecting with me this year and for creating a community where we can find support, encouragement, inspiration and friendship. You will have an awesome 2012 and so will I. :D Big love and bear hugs, Michelle.
Geri said…
Tracy, so sorry to hear about your back pains....but your positivity still shines through...wishing you wonderful blessings in 2012.
Susan said…
Tracy, connecting with you has opened the doors for me to connect with a whole world of artists. Literally, the whole world. I cannot begin to describe how much I appreciate that.

Now it's time to allow 2012 to work its awesomeness on us all! See you in the Life Book class. xo Susan
christynimeh said…
Hi friend, I'm sorry to hear about your back. My mom has back issues and it's no fun...Glad to hear you are slowing down for a bit. *good for the soul! I can't wait for 2012, and to host you in my home :) xo
::(( Hope it's not too painful. Beautiful post...Looooooooove your kitty cat ....brought a big grin to my face! Get better quickly xX
Jane said…
Hi Tracy, sending warmth and comfort to your back... have my own issues there, so you have my sympathy. what a special post, thank you. best wishes to you for 2012. I may not have always commented, but i'm still a regular inspired visitor to your lovely blog. Jane x
Sharon Benini said…
Hi Tracy, I have followed you from Life Book. Your blog is so beautiful! I love the posts, awesome photos, and getting to know you better. I have also requested membership into your FB community. I am looking forward to a creative year! Happy 2012 to you and yours!
Robin said…
Hi Tracy! I hope your back feels better soon. I started stretching with my dog, she's got the right idea: get up...stretch the back out! Have a wonderful 2012! Happy New Years!
Creatissimo said…
Happy new year to you too, Tracy! Thank you for all the colors, positive energy and inspiration. Take care!
Happy New Year Tracy. Rest up sweet soul. 2012 is going to be an amazingly big ride for you and you'll definitely need to embrace rest and self-care within it. Talk soon. Cxxx
Kristin said…
Happy New Year!
Great post - found you through Life Book this morning and had to check out your blog. It's gorgeous - so nice to "meet" you here, xo
Kristin said…
Thank you! You too - Life Book will be so much fun, and I'm so happy to have your blog now too ;)
We are in Southern CA - near Palm Springs - very hot and beautiful.
Thanks again,
Kristin xo
Jenny said…
Beautiful blog Tracy... hope your back is on the mend... and oh yes LOVE 'The Notebook' too... lots of tissues were needed :)
So loving Life Book... just know it is going to be an incredible year...

Jenny x
Calmil2 said…
Hi Tracy-Thank you for the comment on my blog...We do have a lot in common indeed!!! Oh, and Carlsbad is not very far from me at all, about 45 min. My sister just spent 2 weeks in Australia and said it was the best trip she's ever taken...hope to visit someday!!
Much Love,